🌹Chapter Eighteen🌹

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🌹R O S E🌹


To say that I'm not nervous about Mr. Knight in the cafeteria, in front of me would be a lie. "Mr. Knight, what are you doing here?" I ask, feeling rather nervous about him here, since everyone is looking at us and it's clear to me that there will be rumors about this.

Now that I know that people are going to be talking about me and him. The rumor about me and him together has probably vanished but people can be quick to create more rumors. "Ms. Ace, I need my secretary and the last time I check, that is you" He says rather harshly, but then again, when isn't he harsh to me.

"You could have called, Mr. Knight. It would have saved you the time of coming down here. I would have gone right away up if you had called" I tell him. I'm desperately trying to hide the fact that I'm so nervous right now. Not only is his stare very intense but also the stares of everyone in the cafeteria.

It's like no one cares about their food anymore or how short the lunch is, and the two of us are the centerpiece of a play in a theater. "I would have called you, Ms. Ace, if your phone had been on" He says. "It is on" I say as I check my phone. But, then I realize that he's right. "It is not on" I say.

I can't hide the blush that creeps up to my cheeks. I'm also more nervous now than I was before, for one he has fired me before when he thought I made a mistake, which I did not. What will he do to me when he finds out that I made a mistake for real?

A heavy feeling in my stomach feels like I've been punched in the stomach. "I'm so sorry, Mr. Knight, I had no idea it was turned off. It won't happen again" I say embarrassed, I keep looking around at all the people that are staring at me or me.

I guess Mr. Knight had finally noticed that everyone is looking at us. "What are you all looking at?!" He yells at the people in the cafeteria. It's actually kind of funny to see them get so afraid of Mr. Knight that they don't waste any second and look away from us and start talking to each other.

However, I get the feeling that they aren't really talking about what they did last weekend or the game that was on last night. They're talking about us, it's clear as day to me. "Ms. Ace, you will come to my office. Now!" He tells me. I stand up and I follow him out of the cafeteria and into the elevator.

There are still a few minutes left of my lunch but I don't think he cares about that. "I will forgive you on this one, but I do hope this won't happen again" He tells me as soon as the elevator door closes. "I swear it won't happen again, I will make sure of it" I tell him.

I look at the floor of the elevator, so embarrassed of what happened today. Not only with him coming to the cafeteria but also because I let this happen. I should've watched my phone or at least checked if it was on or not, but I didn't. "Thank you" I whisper, but loud enough for him to hear me.

"For what, Ms. Ace?" He asks, for once his voice isn't as cruel as it normally is. "For forgiving me when I clearly made a mistake" I say, admitting to a mistake isn't always easy but I can admit it this time, because last time I wasn't going to admit I made the mistake because I always knew I never made the mistake in the first place.

"I'm grateful that you didn't fire me" I tell him, my voice right above a whisper, but I know he can hear me. Besides, it's not that loud in the elevator. "Let me tell you something, Ms. Ace, I will not fire you. Not ever" He says, and I look up at him, giving him a confused look.

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