Love, life and living with cancer

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I was twelve when I was diognosed with heart cancer. It is extremely rare, especially in children. To this day, I can still remember the look on my mum's face when the doctor told us. I can't even start to imagine how hard that year must have been for her as my dad had only left several weeks before. The doctors didn't believe I would live longer than my thirtheenth birthday but I showed them. I am now fifteen and I still have cancer, but I'm alive which is more than most people who have had heart cancer for three years can say.

As you can probably tell, my life hasn't been easy. Not only has by dad run off with some woman and I've been told that I could die any second now, but I have also lost my sister. When I was seven Thalia was twelve. It was a Wednesday and we were on the way to our weekly horse riding lesson when our car crashed. My sister died because she threw herself over me. She treied to save me, and died trying. Now it's just me and my mum. After my dad left, my mum became severely deppresed. I don't believe there has been one point in my life since then that has ever been truley happy, until today.

You see, today I met Seth Thompson. I met Seth in the hospital when I was waiting for an apointment. When I saw him my heart raced and my palms started getting sweaty. He had short black hair that looked messy but styled at the same time and his eyes were greener than grass. He had olive skin and he was just a little bit taller than me. He was wearing a Muse t-shirt and a Green Day hoddie. They were two of my favourite bands.

When he sat next to me, I almost fainted. He smelled like, I don't now how to describe it. Like the salty sea ocean, and freshley mown fields.

"Do I recognise you from somewhere?" He asked, a smirk dancing on the corners of his lips. "Have you been on tv or something?"

To be honest when he first said this, I thought he was taking the Mick, but then I remembered that the local news show had done a short feature on my life. I hadn't even remembered. When I told him about this we got into a conversation. Seth was at the hospital because he had contracted minor malaria whilst on holiday in Africa. It turned out he lives about five minutes away from me. We exchanged numbers and he asked if I would text or call him because he enjoyed talking to me. I think I turned just about the shade of a tomato at that point. I was so upset when he had to leave.

I am at home now, that was about two hours ago and all I've been able to do, is think about him.

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