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Ploy started ask Sood if he there's anything that make him looks weird at that time. Sood then answer with a  serious face and start to said some bad words.
"Hey Sood,don't you think that p'Nick is kind of different now?",ask her.
"What do you mean? he just look the same",answer him.
"No,I mean he really want to know if you had a crush on him now also…don't you feel weird when he really want to know about it? I think he likes you",said Ploy.

Sood just said that its not what he think on what Nick said and ask before. He just thought that Nick ask like that because he want to play and bullying him more. They just still quiet after they arrive at the canteen. After bought the food,some senior came to them and give a poster about coming to their booth on the festival next week. Ploy then ask them which faculty are they from and one voice that they recognize answer "Faculty Of Engineering". Everyone look at the back and it is Nick,the 3rd year student. "nong-nong,you guys doing a good job gave them the poster",said Nick. "You guys can rest now,let me continue give this poster",said him also.

Nick then look at Sood and apologize to him and he said that he wish both of them can go to the booth. After he left them,Sood ask Ploy if he just heard that Nick apologize to him. Ploy then just said "yes,you are". Even untill they arrive at each other dorm,Sood still can't believe it.
"Did he apologize to me? seriously I can't believe it.Oiiiyyy,I don't want to like you anymore! 😥",he said.

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