Daichi x reader

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  You are one of the member of Karasuno's girls volleyball club.

You are a middle blocker and you're always chosen by the coach to be in the court thanks to your amazing skills.

Today, you sprained your ankle a bit because of over practicing.

Daichi, your boyfriend, was so worried and he didn't allow you to go practice today because your a middle blocker and you need to move a lot.

But today, there's a practice match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai in the gym today.

You wouldn't want to miss that.

After school

Daichi was waiting for you outside the school.

Turns out that you disobeyed him and rushed to the gym without him noticing you.

You went inside the lockers and changed immediately.

You went inside the gym and played with Aoba Johsai.

1st set = 25-24 (Karasuno wins)

You were playing so rough because you wanted to win so badly.

Your injury got worst. But you didn't even care.

No matter what you want to win.

2nd set = 23-25 (Aoba Johsai wins)

In the middle of the 3rd set,

you were almost on you limit. But you still want to play so badly.

When your teammate set the ball, you ran at the end you couldn't jump at all.

It hurts too much. You couldn't jump anymore.

You bent down your knees and groans in pain.

Your boyfriend suddebly rushed to the gym and opened the door.

"I knew you would be here!

Daichi had an angry expression on his face.

He carried you in bridal style to the clinic and leaving the volleyball members in awe.

He treated your injury carefullly so it won't get worst.

"I told you not to join the practice, I was so worried, why can't you just listen to me!"

You were shocked by his harsh words before but didn't get mad at him.

You understood the reason he's mad at you.

Daichi sighed and felt bad for you.
He apologized for yelling at you.

You gave him a smile that made him blushed a little. 'Cute'

"I'm sorry,Daichi. I just love volleyball too much that I got carried away. I won't do it again."

Daichi sighed and hugged you tightly which you returned quickly.

"Promise, (y/n)?" He glared at you.


(A/n) note:

I don't know who to make next!


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