dark black magic- the ending!!!

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“Death’s grimoire- how charming pity you won’t understand a single word that is written in it. The language of the gods was lost long ago.”

I opened the book and found it was like reading a foreign text book. I couldn’t even understand the alphabet it was written in. Panicking I staggered back flicking through the pages trying to see if there was one spell in English. Gwendolyn sighed,

“I’ll make this quick.” She said.

I glanced up and Gwendolyn was inches away from me her hand reached out and wrapped her icy cold fingers around my neck. I dropped the grimoire and began to choke. Gwendolyn lifted me off my feet and watched me struggle for breathe. Her face twisted into a smile and she threw me suddenly against the wall. I crumpled up into a heap on the floor as pain exploded through my body. Gwendolyn stood over me laughing,

“I’m sorry, but killing you quickly would be such a waste. I want to savour each and every one of your last dying breathes.” She said grabbing my arm and throwing me to the other side of the room. White light burst in front of my eyes as I slammed against the opposite wall. I heard Gwendolyn talking but I couldn’t focus I felt myself losing conciseness.

‘Skyler, I’ll help you.’ I heard my Grandmother’s voice say.

“Grandma?” I whispered.

‘Open the grimoire to the page which feels right and I’ll reveal the text to you.’

“Thanks.” I murmured.

Opening my eyes I pulled myself up and staggered over to the grimoire, Gwendolyn watched me with a sick expression of pleasure on her face.

“Go on sweetie, I’ll give this one to you. I guess you could hit me with the book.” She laughed.

I grabbed the book and opened it turning my back towards Gwendolyn. Flicking to a random page and I found the words had had changed to the English alphabet and the chant was now phonetically spelt out so I could follow it. Unfortunatly there was no English description so I had no idea what this spell would actually do. Still I had no choice but to muttered the chant under my breathe so Gwendolyn couldn’t hear and pray that it would work. As I finished the spell the air around me crackled. Gwendolyn had no idea that my spell had worked. She stood behind me mocking my inability at being a witch.

“I can’t believe you wasted your talent on hedge magic,” she snorted. “Making a cinnamon broom is not going to save you from my army of demons.”

A wisp of smoke danced in front of me then shimmered a beautifully engraved scythe similar to the one that the grim reaper was depicted with materialized in front of me. I dropped the grimoire and grabbed it’s handles. Gwendolyn behind me said,

“Have you give up already?” Her hand clutched my shoulder and spun me around and as she did I raised the scythe and slashed her.

“A scythe?” Gwendolyn asked staggering back clutching her chest.

Horrified I dropped the scythe and watched Gwendolyn double over in pain. Black blood seaped out between her fingers dripping onto the floor as she hit the wall. She was mortally wounded. Looking up at me she said,

“You couldn’t read the text, how is this possible.”

“I had a little help from my grandma.” I said dryly.

Gwendolyn shook her head in disbelief. Ignoring her I picked up the scythe and walked towards the monster in the crib. Time to end this once and for all I said raising the scythe up and peering into the cot. Immeadiatly the scythe dropped to my side. There was no monster in the cot, there was only a tiny helpless baby. The tiny baby stared up at me and its little arms wiggled and kicked out just like a normal baby.

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