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Sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together!

Writer's pov

Atharva couldn't believe what just happened! Everything was going fine....but suddenly why she behaved as if he betrayed her...... And what was the fuss all about the designs and stealing. Why She blamed him for stealing her designs.
He wanted to scream at her...reason out with her.... But her next words...angered him..!!!

"If you can steal someone's designs you might as well build an empire over lies and theft!"

Never in his life he had been humiliated like this!

So, he stormed out of the restaurant without giving her a second glance. She bruised his ego. He couldn't keep himself calm... He knew she has trust issues...still he couldn't take her venom filled accusations.

It's better if I leave her alone! - he thought
I don't know how to deal with her mood swings. One moment she is ready to give us a chance and the next...She is all ready to blame me for God knows what!
And why do I think I heard that name... Sanjay Khurana somewhere!
But why do I care!
Let it be!

I am not going to explain myself to anybody!

She can think whatever she wants...For all I care!

The rest of the week was tiring and Atharva was annoyed...he shouted at his employees...fired a few...For no good reasons... !

What pissed him more was that Namrata never called back! She was acting like a stubborn kid....Putting his ego aside, he called her once... But she never replied!
The whole Singhania family was wondering what was wrong with him.
But they knew better.... Not to disturb him when he was this pissed off.

And today, he was leaving for Austria for three months. So, they all let him be... Thinking it was the work stress.
His grandpa wanted to discuss about his marriage... But Atharva just avoided him.

The whole marriage thing was taking a toll on him. He wanted to get away from all this.

And finally today, he was leaving....!
He stopped everyone from coming to the airport. He hated good byes!

He reached the airport and was fiddling with his mobile....for some reasons...He wanted to confront Namrata. He wanted his answers...his mind was at a war.
He wanted to settle everything right... Before he he did one thing that he thought was right.

He texted Namrata:

I am leaving today for three months.
I hope whatever is the matter with you, would be sorted in this time period!
However, let me know if you change your mind!
For now, Good Bye.

He sighed and boarded the plain.
With a hope this separation is going to help, resolve the misunderstandings.

Atharva clearly liked Namrata and he wanted their marriage to work. His heart had already accepted her but her words and her lack of trust, hurt him.

The flight took off in it's due time.

Creating a distance of thousands of miles between these two souls.

At Joshi Villa

These past days have been the worst for Namrata!
She lost whatever peace she had inside her.!

She shut her off from inside. The newly found betrayal had stabbed her heart each passing moment.

She tried to act normal in front of her parents but failed miserably. They noticed their only daughter who suddenly returned to her robot self.
She indulged herself in work...and became distant.
They tried to speak with her but she avoided them.

Every night she silently cried to sleep.
She hated for being cursed for heart breaks.
She couldn't believe her eyes when she saw those pair of earrings....her designs...which had been stolen..!!!
And what hurt the most was, Atharva was behind that theft.
Her rational mind scolded her to accuse him without confronting him.....but she was too blinded to see anything beyond her broken trust.

She had no courage to talk to Atharva when he she just ignored.

The ring in her ring-finger suffocated her and she wanted to call off the engagement but refrained herself looking at the happy families. She did not know how to confront the Singhanias.

But today's message from Atharva got her in a fix.
She fiddled with her screen...Reading the words again and again.

I am leaving today for three months.
I hope whatever is the matter with you, would be sorted in this time period!
However, let me know if you change your mind!
For now, Good Bye.

She was annoyed for some reasons... Still unknown to her.
She was pissed off may be, because he did not even tried to explain.
And now he was gone!

But, was she ready for this separation?

Her Heart was starting to open up... For this new bond but seemed like a burden.

She desperately needed someone to console her.
To tell her that, all this was just a misunderstanding.
And Atharva was not guilty!

But the image of the exact design kept flashing in front of her and on top of that..the venom filled words from that bastard Sanjay...did not she shut her thoughts.

She decided to ignore Atharva!
Probably her biggest mistake...but she hardly cared!

Sometimes, we are not able to see beyond the walls. And it blocks our mind.
Then we become a prey of prejudices!

And that is not at all healthy for a budding relationship!

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