The Prize

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Chapter 4

I had about 5 minutes until the next match. I run to kacchan and drag him into an empty hall way. Little did kacchan know that I was strategizing on his quirk an how to make it better. I pictured the out come and tried a lot of ways until I came up with this one "Ok so when your fighting Todoroki use your quirk and make your hands into AP SHOT formation but try using it in sections. " I demonstrate it and explosion bullets come out of my hands. " Next up Bakugo and Todoroki " I hear President Mic say. " You got this babe! " I head to where the rest of the class is. " Ready! 3 2 1 GO! " Todoroki make a big ice wall toward Kacchan. Kacchan explodes it away. Then Kacchan did what I told him and hit Todoroki.

Long story short, Kacchan won! I was so happy. But then sudden realization hit. I was going to have to fight my boyfriend. " Bakugo and Midoriya is the final fight. Please come to the arena" I headed down to the arena. I see Kacchan on the other side. We bother were determined to win. " 3 " I got in my fighting stance "2"I came up with an idea. " 1 GO " I knew he was going to come at me so I say down. He stopped and looked at me confused. But then continued to run at me. He was about to punch me but I blocked it. I used Ururaka's quirk and listed him up then I got up and used his own quirk and blasted it down. He blocked it but was hurt. I then used One for all in my legs and try to kick him. He blocked again. I got annoyed so I stoped. " You don't really love me do you." I said with ' tears ' in my eyes. " What No!! I do " I used Shinso's quirk on him. " Stay still " he does what I said. I walk over to him and think of Todoroki and use his quirk to freeze him " Stop " I say. " I love you but I want to win " and with that i knocked him out. " IZUKU MIDORIYA WINS" President Mic yells.

I unfreeze Kacchan and cary him back to the locker rooms. " Hey babe wake up " I shake him. He slowly starts to wake up. " Hey broccoli boi " he say I giggle and set him down. I start to change back to my uniform. He does the same. We go back to class and everyone congratulates me. Then Mr. Aizawa calls my name. "You get my praise and...... " He pulls out a card and it says " A professional Hero signature card. " he says. " WHAT!?!! " I yell. I flip it over and it has all the hero's signatures on it. All the way up to the #100th hero. " Thank you so much. " I say in an excited tone. " No problem you did good. " After that class was over and Kacchan and I were called to Mr. Nezu's office.

When we got there all the teachers were there. I knew what this is about.....

A/N: Sorry this was short the next chapter will be longer. 535 words

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