Let's Change Things Up In This Town Part 5

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Chapter 4:

*Ryleigh's Point of View*

"Ok, well I'm going to go ahead and leave." Nicholas says as he walks out the door and down the hall.

"Wait!" I scream out. I follow him out the door.

"I figured we could hang out!" I call.

"The only reason I'm here is because I figured you'd be different. I wanted to help you out, make friends with you. Now I see you're just like every other girl at this school and I want nothing to do with you!" He calls as he hits the elevator button.

I run down the hallway and as the door opens and he steps in, he sees me coming towards him. He presses the button to close the door and right before the doors close, I squeeze in the elevator, and start pressing every button to spare me time.

"Wow! You know you have guts to say that to me. I'm not like everyone else, becasue unlike everyone else here, I actually study. I'm here on a SCHOLARSHIP, and I don't have any friends. I know no one in America except you and Dakota now! And you are over here telling me that I'm like every other freaking girl here! Look at these people, and then look at me. I'm a quiet nobody, and everyone else thinks the world revolves around them. It sounds like to me, that you need to stop judging people." I finish.

By this time, the elevator door has opened for the billionth time and as it opens on the third floor, I take this chance to get off the elevator.

I step off and turn around to see Nicholas's face as blank as a white wall. He looks like someone just punched him in the face and that someone was a girl so he couldn't do anything.

With tears welling up in my eyes, I watch the doors start to close, and turn and start walking down the hallway. I open the door for the stairs and start walking up to the sixth floor.

*Nicholas's Point of View*

"...It sounds like to me, that you need to stop judging people." Ryleigh finishes, and I can tell that it took alot for her to come tell me all of this.

The door opens and she get out of the elevator, and she starts walking away without looking back.

When she finally does, I can see the tears in her eyes and I start to feel like such a douche bag. Why do I choose to let my mouth work on its own?

Fifteen minutes later, the elevator is finally on the first floor and I get off, not able to believe that I possibly ruined something with the best girl I have ever met. And to be considered one of the only people who actually is one of her friends..that's amazing. It's like an honor to know her.

I get back to my dorm building, building D and climb the stairs (not wanting to ride in another elevator) to floor 5. I walk in my room, 507 and see my all-time best friend, Luke Donning lying on the couch watching a football game.

"Hey man, grab me a soda." He calls as I walk in the door.

I walk over to the TV and turn it off, and sit down on the chair next to the couch. Luke sees my urgency to talk to him and gets up.

"Ok man, let me get that soda and I'll be back to talk this problem out with you."

He comes back to the couch and sits down, placing his feet on the coffee table.

"Talk to me bro." He says to me, opening the soda.

"Alright, well you know that girl that I hit with the football and then threw it to you when I ran over?" I ask.

"Dude! Who could forget her? She's a freakin' goddess!" He yells.

"Yea well I know this. She's also a freakin' brainiac! Well when I was in the main building, I saw her getting all her forms and stuff, like her scholarship papers, and I met her officially there, and she totally told me off in front of everyone. Well I talked to her outside and she told me to take her to the dorm buildings, so I did. Then I have no clue what came over me, but I was rude to her from then on and I told her that she was just like every other girl. She told me off, told me that her roommate and me were the only people she knew in America and that I knew nothing about her. Dude I saw her CRYING!!!" I finished and Luke was about to spit out his soda.

"So does that mean...she's free?" Luke asked.

"Dude, I like her and I totally screwed everything up with her!" I say

He looks at me and takes a deep breath and lies back down, "Dude, just show her that you care about her." He says as hepicks up the remote and turns the TV back on,

I nod my head and realize how much help Luke wasn't. I walk back to my room and ly back down on my bed.

I realize what I have to do and I lean over to my nightstand and picked up the phone that goes with every room. I dial the number I need and the lady at the main office answers.

"Yes, how may I help you?" She asks.

In order to talk to someone who you don't have the number for, you have to call the main office.

"Ah yes, can you give me Dakota Clarency's number?" I ask kindly.

"It is 1012614." She says. (You add 101 to every room number, but before the room number, you have to put 1 or 2 to decifer which room you are calling.)

"Thank you." I say as I hang up.

I dial Dakota's number and after 3 rings she finally picks up.

"Dakota I need your help."

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