Chapter 24: Other Kim Checks In

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Kim was seriously chillaxing on the veranda at her condo in Miami. Her new puppy, Calum Woof, was curled up on her lap, nosing at her hand, insistently demanding pets. 

Her phone rang and she was surprised to see that it was a call from Other Kim. She hadn’t spoken to Other Kim since...Chapter 10? Could that be right? Their last conversation had been when she’d been set up on that date with Michelle. The date that had been the beginning of her adventure to the darkest regions of Ambition, where she’d traveled in search of The Hack. Ugh. Kim shivered at the memory of that plot line. Weird that she hadn’t heard from Other Kim since then though.

“Kim! Hi!” she said, making her mouth smile so Other Kim would think Kim was happy to hear from her, not just slightly weirded out.

“Hey you!” Other Kim said. “I heard someone made the C-List, congratulations!”

“Yeah, thanks so much, it’s very exciting.”

“You’ve come so far since I first met you in front of So Chic.”

“I know, right?”

“You're leveling up so fast.” Other Kim paused. “I heard The Sisters are helping you.”

“Yeah Maria connected us, they’re a little weird but they’ve been very helpful.”

“Yes. Very helpful.”

Umm. Kim wasn’t sure what she was supposed to say to that. Maybe Other Kim was fishing for a compliment of her own? 

“And thank you, I definitely couldn’t have done any of this without you.” Kim wasn’t sure that was strictly true, but it felt like the right thing to say. 

“Nope, it’s all you. You deserve it. And we should hang out!” Other Kim said.

“Okay yeah!”

“We should celebrate and go dancing! We haven’t seen each other in so long!”

“Okay yeah!”

“Maybe we can go dancing at Lif!”

“Okay yeah!”

“I’ll call Simon and have him set something up!”

“Okay yeah!”

“It’ll be great to catch up. I’ve been following the social media about you. Your powers of Money and Friendship are apparently already quite formidable.” Suddenly the call was obscured by noise in the background on Other Kim’s side of the call. 

 “Are you outside?” Kim asked. “Is that rain? It sounds like--” Kim stopped herself from completing that thought.

“Sounds like what?” Other Kim asked, the sunlight gone from her voice.

“Nothing!” Kim said. “Nothing. My phone has been acting weird lately.”

There was an awkward silence where it wasn’t clear whose turn it was to speak.

“Well thanks so much for calling,” Kim said. “It’s great to hear your voice and I can’t wait to hang out soon!”

“Yes,” Other Kim said. “Me too. Bye!”

The call ended and Kim stared at Other Kim’s face as it disappeared from her screen. She hadn’t wanted to say it but for a moment she had been certain that she could hear a storm on the other side of the call. 

Weird. But then Calum Woof started nipping at Kim’s fingers and she turned her attention to the not very bright but impossibly handsome puppy and she didn’t think about the call from Other Kim any further. 

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