Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

On the way home, Molly's mom asked he how her day was.

"Great, yours?"

"Good, by the way, who was that boy you were talking to?"

"Oh, that was Tim" Molly said so matter-a-factly that her mom gave herb look that said ' who's Tim and do you like him' bu Molly said nothing.

When they got home Molly grabed something to eat then went upstairs to read before going to bed,". Her last thought was of Tim.

Tim didn't talk to his sister at all on the way home. When he got home his mom asked him what he did all day.

"I went to the park, then after lunch I went to the library to help like I normally do" Tim said between bits of his supper. Anna who was sitting next to him said:

"What about the girl you were talking to?"

Tim's dad, who usually doesn't take part in the conversations, looked up from his evening paper.

"Did she just say 'girl'?"

"Yes" Tim replied

"Whats her name?" Tim's mom asked

"Her name is Molly" Tim answered as he got up on put his dishes in the sink then walked towards the stairs.

"Tim, aren't you going to the library tomorrow?" Anna called from the kitchen

Yes.. Why?"

"Well I figured you'd like to see Molly again.. Maybe she'll be there"

"She might... How would I know if she'lll be there or not" Tim said with a smile, that neither Anna or his parents could see.

"I don't know, I was just asking" Anna called back

Tim didn't answer, he walked up to his room to do some homework before going to bed. He fell asleep thinking about how he couldn't wait to see Molly again.

The next day, Tim was waiting on the library steps for Molly.

"Hey Molly , I didn't think you'd come!" Tim said as he saw Molly walking towards him.

"Why wouldn't I?" Molly answered sitting down next to Tim[ but not to close;)]

"So what do you want to do today?" Tim asked looking at Molly

"I don't know, maybe catch a movie or go hang out in the park" Molly said looking away from Tim

"Why not go to a movie then go to the park" Tim said trying to catch Mollys eye

"Sure, but I have to be home by 9" Molly said standing up

"That's okay, I do to" Tim replied

It was 2:35 and Tim and Molly were trying to pick out a movie.

"What about a horror or..." Tim was about to finish when something caught his eye

"... Or what?" Molly asked, not realizing Tim wasn't paying attention.

"Molly, look over there" Tim said, but before Molly could look Tim grabed her arm and pulled her into one of the theaters, so they couldn't be seen.

"Whoa...What?...Look at what?" Molly said trying to pull away from Tim.

"That's my mom with some guy.. Whos 'not' my dad"

"So maybe their here on business" Molly said trying to calm Tim down.

"Then why are they holding hands?!?!" Tim almost yelled. Molly looked to were Tim was pointing.

"A...Tim.. That's MY DAD!" Molly nearly scarmed, she took Tim's hand in hers.

"Molly what are you talking about?" Tim said looking from the couple to Molly" and why are you holding my hand?"

"Oh sorry" Molly let go of Tims hand."What I'm talking about is your mom and my dad are holding hands"

By now Tim and Molly were siting just two tables away from the one their parents were at.

"I can't believe her" Tim said just above a whisper

"I can't believe my dad either" Molly whispered back

"Maybe we should get out of here... Go to the park or back to the library. Molly said standing up

"Maybe we should pretend to come out of the movie theater over there and walk to their table.. Just to find out if their really..." Tim trailed off

"Sure, but what if they think we knew they were here all along?" Molly asked as the walked into the theater.

"A.. Maybe we should pretend to be on a.. Date" Tim said turning red.

"Ok, so do we just say that.. Or do we.. Umm.. Hold hands?" Molly asked

"Maybe we should..Ah.. Hold hands" Tim said, waiting for a few seconds then took Mollys hand in his. Molly blushed and wouldn't look at Tim.

"Molly, what's wrong?" Tim asked as they walked out the door

"Nothing.. Its just ackward.. I mean we just met and now were try to percent we're dating" Molly said as they walked over to their parents table. Tim was about to answer when Mollys dad saw them.

"Molly! What are you doing here" Mollys dad said in surprise.

"Hi dad.. What are you doing here?" Molly asked avoiding the question

"I'm.. Umm.. Talking to Tim's mom" Molly's dad moved over, making room for Molly.

"Oh, ok" Molly replied, sitting down.

" Hi mom" Tim said looking for the first time at his mom

"Hello Tim, do you want to sit down?" Tim's mom asks looking at Molly's dad

"NO... Molly, shouldn't we be going?" Tim asked Molly with a helpless look on his face.

"Sure, see ya dad" Molly said standin up

"Mom.. Will you be home for supper?" Tim asked, taking Mollys hand in his again

"Yes, why?" Tim's mom said. Before Tim could say anything more. Mollys dad said,looking from Molly to Tim and then back again.

"What's going on between you two?"

"Well they were holding hands when they walked over here" Tim's mom said. Tim's mom and Molly's dad looked at eachother of a few seconds

"Are you two daring?" they asked

"Yes we are" and with that Tim and Molly walked away from the table

"WAIT! WE DEMAND AN EXPLANATION!!" Molly's dad yelled after them

"Look at what you two have.. You'll figure it out" Molly and Tim called back, as they walked out the door.

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