Chapter 11: Truths and Decisions

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For a while you thought maybe Tony was embarrassed about how you dressed or the old stuff you had, so you were nervous to confront him about it. But the longer time went on, the more you found yourself itching to bring it up. In the meantime, you had invited Ned and Patrick to the sleepover, both happily accepting because who wouldn't want to hang out at the Avengers Tower? By the time Friday after school rolled around, you were in the lab and you had to confront Tony about the massive gifts.

"Hey, Tony?" You suddenly asked while he was working on the new suit for Pepper's anniversary present.

"Yeah?" He didn't look up.

"Did you...did you buy that stuff for me because you don't like how I look? Do I embarrass you?" You asked quietly, practically muttering the last part.

"Kid," He looked up at you, dropping what he was doing, "Not at all. I thought it might be nice to have some new things, I'd do it for my kid, so I figured what the hell. I really didn't mean to make you feel like less."

"I'm supposed to be like your tenant." You smirked, feeling much more relieved.

"Please, you were never my tenant." He scoffed, "If you don't want the stuff, I'll take it back. Pepper might be crushed though because she helped me pick everything out, I'm bad with sizes." He shrugged.

"She did?" You lit up at the thought that Pepper wanted to get you new clothes.

"Yeah, made sure everything was overnighted too. We just want you to feel at home." He gave you a warm smile, one he doesn't give to just anyone.

"Wow. Thanks, Tony! This whole time I felt like charity...still do a bit, but it's also not as bad." You gave him a smile back.

"You're not charity, kid. You're family." He told you as he went back to work and you felt your heart swell. After a moment he spoke up again, "Heard you're having some friends over tomorrow night."

"Yeah, I thought it'd be okay?" You asked, realizing you didn't really run it by him beforehand.

"Peter told me about your little Saturday night traditions a while back, so I kind of figured you would. He also told me about this Patrick." He smirked.

"Oh. Right."

"I thought you liked Parker?" He raised his eyebrows.

"I told Peter that I had a crush on this guy, but I barely know him. Who told you I liked Peter? B-because I don't."


"Well, he's a liar." You crossed your arms, blushing.

"Good, okay." He nodded.

"Good?" You furrowed your eyebrows, confused.

"Yeah, I don't want you dating Parker, anyways, so this works out."


"You deserve someone better." He shrugged.

"Better than Peter? Are you insane?! There is no better!" You found yourself yelling at him.

"I don't know, this Patrick guy sounds like a fine guy from what Peter tells me. More your pace."

"More my pace? More my-" You took a deep breath, trying to calm yourself, "He's a football player, flunking every class, and he once told me that women shouldn't be in positions of power! Peter is the most genuine, intelligent, sweet, albeit awkward, cute, and caring person I've ever met." You huffed.

"You think he's cute?" Tony quirked an eyebrow.

"No-I-I meant...ugh! You're impossible!" You dropped the tool you were using and left the room. Tony smirked to himself, he'd gotten the reaction he wanted.

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