I'm Marcy DelaTorre, and I'm Zak Bagans' girlfriend. I met him through my close friend, Nick Groff. Dating Zak was the best thing for me. We were packing for his next investigation, in my hometown of Chicago. "This is a great opportuinity, for us to go on a date Zak." I told him/  "It is, I know a great Italian restaurant there." he replied. When we got to McCarran International Airport Terminal 6, I get a call from my sister Jenny. I didn't want to talk to her at all. She's so annoying. Why should I talk to her? She always snitches on me anyway.

  I was happy that Zak and myself, have personal time during filming tomorrow. And I'm able to see my other sister, Marceline. We were staying at the Hilton Hotel on Michigan Ave. When we checked in, I get a call from Jenny again! I ignored her call. I wanted some time with my boyfriend Zak, by myself. he went inside our room, then Nick stopped me. I asked him  "How are ya feeling?"  "I'm good, I want to give you this." he replied. he leaned closer to me, and our lips connected. It felt good. We were like this for 2 minutes.. Then I went into my room. Zak told me  "Let's just stay here, and watch Dracula."  "I'm okay with that, let's post a picture on Twitter, for our fans." I replied. he nodded his head. I took out my iPhone 5, with a Ghost Adventures cover. I took a picture of Zak and myself.  The post says "@Zak_Bagans and I are going to have a great creepy night. #Creepy" I sent the tweet. A lot of fans suport me and Zak, some don't. They're just jealous I'm with him.

I woke up the next morning, and I get a text from Zak, "Meet me in the lobby ;)"  "Kay, see ya there in a bit babe. :)" I replied. Why did he want to meet him in the lobby, probably a big surprise. 15 minutes later, I go down to the lobby. I saw him by the front desk.  Zak said "I need to tell you something." "Go ahead." I replied. he pulled out something black, from his pocket.  "I've known you for 3 years now, and I don't want to be your boyfriend."  What? Was he breaking up with me?  "And I want to ask you, do you Marcy Lauryn DelaTorre, want to be my wife?" Zak asked. he was proposing to me.  "Yes Zak, I do!" I screamed.  He put on my silver engagement ring. I hugged him really hard. I'm going to be Marcy Lauryn DelaTorre Bagans. I was happy, because I'm going to be the Mrs Zak Bagans. This was a great moment to remember forever.. We were investigating Bachelor's Grove Cemetery.. I've been there before as a kid, and have gotten my hair pulled, really hard. And were also investigating Excalibur Nightclub, I had a vision of my fiance, one week before Nick introduced me to him. This investigation will go well, I know it. It depends on me, I know it. These locations have connections, I'm going to tell Zak about this, so he can interview me for the show.  

While we were getting ready,  I asked Zak "Can I tell you something, about the locations?" "Sure Marcy." he replied. "Well, I have a connection to these locations." I said.  "I know, you got your hair pulled at the cemetery, and had a vision of me at the nightclub, you told me." Zak replied. I remember telling him this, 2 weeks ago. At the nightclub, Zak was helping me prepare for my interview. This was going to go well. Zak said to the camera,  "This is Marcy DeLaTorre, my fiancee, and a witness here at the Excalibur. Did something unexplained happen to you?" "I did. I saw a spirit of a little girl, and had a vision of you 3 years ago." I replied. After doing interviews at the cemetery and the club, Zak and myself went on a personal date. I know Nick will find out, somehow. Zak wanted it to go well, for the both of us. We went to eat, at this very well-known Italian restaurant in town. "I love it here, I'm glad we're getting married soon." I said. "Me too Marcy, are your parents going to come to our wedding?" Zak asked. I shrugged my shoulders. Then Nick showed up. What the Hell does he want with me now?

Zak doesn't know that I dated Nick, and broke up 3 days before I met my fiance.  "What are you doing here Nick?" he asked angrily.  "Well Zak, I wanted to ask my ex-girlfriend something." Nick replied.  I guess the secret was out, no reason to tell him now.  "Well, Nick and I started dating in college, then I ended it 3 years ago, then introduced me to you." I said. I can't believe that I told him, this is going to end Zak and Nick's friendship.  "Who are you going to choose Marcy, you have till lockdown tomorrow night." Zak said.  I ran back to the hotel, in tears. I packed up all my stuff, on the first flight back to Vegas, I didn't want to think about my fiance, or my ex-boyfriend. I'm on the verge of suicide, I've had problems with this in the past. I made my decision.