Valentina y Bruno

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The next day, my bed was empty and cold. But I wasn't sad, I thought of Andrei and smiled. Whenever I was with him, I couldn't control myself. He made me happy.

My mind wondered and finally it landed on the kilo of coke under my bed. I shot up, and jumped out of the covers.

"BRUNO!" I yelled as I snatched the bag out from under my bed.

"QUE!" (What)

I ran over to his room and stormed in. I smiled at Imani as she laid in the bed in only a sports bra. I didn't even let myself wonder what was going on in here.

"We need to talk. Come." He looked at me annoyed and followed me to the room. His eyes widened as he saw the blue book bag on my bed.

"What the fuck is this?" I asked

He grabbed it off the bed and held it tight. "Valentina, what are you doing with this. You were never supposed to see this."

"It fell out of the closet while I was with Andrei"

"You mean the gringo saw it? Fuckkk" he put his hand on his head and looked worried.

"He's cool, don't worry about him, but Bruno, Que haces con tanto coca?"
(What are you doing with so much coke?)

"Listen, I have to move this ok, do not tell mom, or Emelia, and don't even think about touching this bag again." He said walking out the room.

"Bruno, I can help you." He stopped in the doorway and turned around slowly.

"No Vale, I'm not letting you get involved in this shit."

"Bruno, I assume you have a deadline for this shit. you're not going to be able to do this alone. It's not possible. Let me help you."

"Valentina, I said no. I can't" I could tell he was conflicted and I was winning him over.

"The white girls in my school will go crazy for that shit. They all have too much money to spend on all kinds of drugs. It's easy money."

"I promise you it'll just be this time." I said.

"Fuck" he breathed out. "Fine" I internally high fived myself. Now we're talking.

"Give me what I need to sell and I'll bring you money as soon as I sell out." He agreed and walked out the room.

The next morning when I got ready for school, I did everything like normal. I fluffed out my hair, put my skirt on, and applied my favorite gloss. Then, I did something unusual. I filled a small purse with 50 baggies of white powder. I stuffed it in my book bag and put it on my back.

I didn't see Andrei this morning, but he texted me saying he wanted to see me again soon. I told him I was busy today but that I could go for dinner tomorrow. I was excited that I would see him again so soon.

At school, I went up to this girl that everybody knows. She has a reputation for parties, drinking, and drugs. I was a bit hesitant because we hadn't had many actual conversations but I approached her confidently.

"Hey Kayleigh, I heard you were looking for some party favors" I had heard that in a movie once or twice. Surely it would work here.

She looked me up and down with a smirk on her face. "What do you have for me, amiga" she said and looked to her side at her friend. They both laughed a bit too hard.

"That good shit" I had a small bag of white powdered in my hand holding it carefully but showing her at the same time.

"It must be that Colombian powder, huh?" She laughed again and I just looked at her with a blank face.

"You tryna cop or nah?" I said one last time.

She pulled out two fifties and laughed. "Let's see if it's worth it or not." I was so happy. I gave her a few bags and took the money.

"Hey Kayleigh, tell your friends" I said when I was far enough.

When I walked away from her, the feeling I got was strange. It wasn't guilt or regret. I was almost excited.

The rest of the day, ever hour two or three white girls would come up to me and say "ummm I'm not sure if your the right person, buuuuuttt my friends Kayleigh told me you have coke... is that true?"

It surprised me how many girls I knew did coke. The girl from my math class, the girl I sat next to in detention, and even the girl who sat in the library all alone.

When I got home, I hadn't sold all the baggies, but most. The wad of cash I had in my pocket put a pep in my step.

"How did it go?" Bruno asked me from afar. Almost like he was nervous to know the outcome.

I placed the money in his hand "How do you think it went? And that's only from my first day" I smirked and sat on the bed.

"Wow, Vale, I wish I could say I was proud of you but I remembered we're talking about drugs." He laughed

"Your drugs, in case you forgot" he followed behind me as I walked through the living room and noticed someone had left the tv on.

Right when I was about to shut it off he said "wait leave it on!"

"26 year old Marcus Washington, is the victim of a deadly shoot out on Vyse and 180th yesterday night." The news reporter on the tv stood in a nearby housing project where the shooting had occurred.

They showed a picture of the guy, it was a mugshot, he had a long scar on his face that dragged down and dead eyes that only made him look scarier. 

The news reporter showed a lady crying. She was and older lady with grey hair. "My baby was a good kid." She said in between tears "He didn't deserve to die like that" she continued sobbing.

I looked over at Bruno and he looked like he had seen a ghost. His mouth was slightly open and all he could do was stare at the tv.

"Did you know him or something?" I said curiously.

"Nah" I felt something was wrong, but before I could ask he walked back to his room.

Drug dealer Valentina? Ok. Cool.
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