A day

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We also travel a lot and we are always on schedule and it fits us because we are organized and very clean we always go to party's every end of the week and sometimes we are tired because of whenever we arrive from trips to home we just stay the whole day at home and sleep but me and my sis stay up and eat a lot while watching kpop

We all also go to pools that our uncle has and we swim there a lot but most of the time I get out early cuz I don't want to be that tan and sometimes I'm weak because because I'm sick or I'm just tired and my legs hurt but my sis has a lot of energy because she is a kid and she is also a fast swimmer

We both eat a lot and are still not full and sometimes when we are full is because we moved a lot while eating we also run a lot and even though she is the youngest she is 2 fast while I'm 1 and my brother is 3 because he dosnt like running that much but my sister and me love to run

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