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"Minghao, can I talk to you? Please?" Sunny asked, standing in the doorway of the practice room.

Sunny has left the room half an hour ago and cane back when she felt she needed to start a new chapter of her life. Not one where she was leaving something behind, but one where she just needed to get it off her chest.

The rest of the Seventeen members were just taking a break before getting back to work.

"What's wrong?" Minghao asked, closing the door behind him.

She didn't know exactly how to start off the conversation. All she wanted was for her to end how she planned.

"So, you know how that one day we sat on the roof together?" Sunny asked.

Minghao responded with a nod.

"And I left because I was too afraid. Not of you, but of what was bothering me."

She continued to look up at Minghao, making sure he was still listening.

"Well, it's just that,"

Sunny stopped. She didn't really know what to say to get what she wanted out.

Instead, she blurted it all at once. Speaking really fast, like the rapper she is, Minghao tried his best to follow her. Picking up on the words she wanted him to her.

"Well, it's just that I really like you. I don't understand why it took me so very long to realize it, but with the roof incident and everything happening I just haven't been focusing. I started to believe that I was just bad at love and started to think that no one would want me. But, I realized I liked you and... well, yeah."

Minghao stood there. Yes, he liked her. Wasn't it obvious? Even the fans knew that it wasn't a secret he was good at hiding.

"This was the wrong time, wasn't it?" Sunny asked. "Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put this all on you at such a sudden—"

Pulling away from their first kiss with each other, Sunny was completely shocked. Minghao didn't know how to put it into words, so he just... kissed her.

"I wanted to confess, but with everything going on, I assumed you didn't need this type of pressure at the time." Minghao said.

"Trust me, we ALL wanted this to happen sooner than later. Now can you stop being all lovey dovey and get back to practice."

Jeonghan said those words as he opened the door and closed it again after he finished.

All the members knew what happened when they heard Sunny's fast speech outside. She tended to get louder when she was nervous.

It was true that they were all waiting for this moment to come. The moment Minghao and Sunny actually confessed their feelings for one another cause they always made it so obvious.

Mingyu might not have been the happiest, but he knew that Sunny wasn't at her best with him. He knew since the start that she would have been perfect with Minghao, he was just glad he got to spend that time with her.

"So what does this make us?" Minghao whispered to Sunny.

"I... don't.. know?"

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