chapter nine ~ i've never loved anyone as much as i love you

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1 month later
Tour starts in 3 days and i can't wait! Today Brad and I were leaving to go to London for a few days before tour. I've somehow managed to fall in love with the idiot i like to call my boyfriend but i don't want to tell him just yet.

Today i wore black jeans and a white cropped sweater with my black and white checkerboard vans (outfit above). I tied my hair into a messy bun and did my everyday natural makeup. Brad was coming to pick me up at 12 and we were going to get the train to London.

I hear the doorbell ring and i run up to the door and swing it open and jump into his arms. I kiss his lips, cheeks, nose and forehead then i say
'I've missed you so much' with a huge grin never leaving my face.
'I've missed you too baby' He says with a toothy grin. He presses his lips to mine before putting me back down to lock the door.

We arrive at the train station and wait for the train.
'Yes Taylor'
'Well um you know how it's like basically still winter therefore it's still cold out and you know how guys are generally warmer than girls and-'
'You want my jacket?' i says holding back a chuckle
'Yes' i say with a smile and he just shakes his head whilst chuckling at me. He slips off his denim jacket and holds it out for me to put my arms through.
'Thank youu' I say and stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. Being small sucks when you want to kiss your boyfriend, and by small i mean 5'2.

As soon as we arrive at our hotel room I jump on the bed and say
'Ooo this bed is comfy, also this room is so nice! Someone was feeling generous' i say smiling up at Brad
'Only the best for my second favourite girl'
'Excuse me? Who's your favourite?' I say, not going to lie i was a bit jealous of whoever was at the top.
'Jesse' he says smirking.
I grab a pillow hit him with it only making him take the pillow out my hands and tickle me.
'Ahhh Brad stoopppp' i say through chuckles.
'Only if you say, I'm sorry to my dearest boyfriend Bradley Will Simpson for hitting you with a pillow'
'I'm- s-sorry to my dearest boyfriend B-Bradley Will S-Simpson for hitting you with a pillow' I say through giggles.
I love how silly he is at times.
'Apology accepted' He says whilst picking me up and sitting down and sitting me in front of him so i'm straddling his lap. He leans in to kiss me softly, I can't help but smile into the kiss and he does the same.
'Someone's a happy chappy today' he says smiling at me smiling
'It's just one minute your tickling me and the next we're kissing like i can't take you seriously' i say trying not to chuckle but failing miserably. I rest my arms on his shoulders and kiss him.
'I can't take you seriously because your so small and cute' He says grabbing my cheek and scrunching up his nose.
'Oi it's not like your tall either'
'Still taller than you' he says smirking and I lean in again.
'I don't know how to tell you this other than.... I-I love you, i've never loved anyone as much as i love you T, i'm so grateful for you and i'm so happy you've came into my life, you make me happy like no one else ever has' he says nervously
'Really?' i say shocked
'Yes, i've fallen in love with stupid little Taylor Riley' he says with a chuckle
'Hehe i love you too Bradley' I say smiling and pecking his lips.

'Where would you like to go to dinner tonight Miss' he says in a posh voice.
'Well Mr Bradley Will Simpson i do fancy some pasta so maybe an Italian restaurant' i say pouting
'I agree, Miss Taylor Riley' he says mirroring my expression.

As we're walking to the restaurant we get stopped by a teenage girl.
'Oh my god Bradley is that you?' she says excited
'Yes it is, how can i help' he says with a smile
'Wait are you Taylor Riley?' She says and i nod.
'I love your YouTube videos, can I get a picture with you both!?' she says grinning
'Of course sweetie' I say smiling at her, she's adorable. She gets her phone out and Brad takes it to take a photo of the three of us.
'Thank you so much!' she exclaims.
'Wait are you two... a thing? Like dating?'
'Between us 3, yes' i say smiling
'Aww you two are adorable, I won't tell anyone by the way' she says which i'm grateful for.
'Thank you so much' Brad speaks up
'Goodbye, i love you both' She says
'We love you too' Bradley says smiling at her.
'Wasn't she adorable' I say to Brad who's still smiling.
'She was, this is why i love my job'
'Me too, i love making people happy'

After dinner we go to a pub for a few drinks.
'What would you like to drink?' Brad asks me
'I'll just have a g&t' i say smiling. He gets us both a g&t and he tells me about tour. I honestly can't wait.
'Babe i'll be a couple minutes, i'm just going to nip to the toilet' i say standing up
'Okay baby, i'll be here' he says smiling.
On my way back from the toilet I look over to Brad and see him with a girl on his lap, not just any girl, my ex best friend Emma. He has his hands on her waist whilst she grinds on him. Her lips are on his and it doesn't look like he's trying to pull away. My heart shatters at the sight. He looks over to me and we make eye contact, my eyes being rimmed with tears and his shocked and nervous.
'Fucks sake, i said get off me' he says to Emma and pushed her off as i get closer.
'Ugh you're such a dick' Emma says whilst walking off.
'What the fuck' Is all i could say.
'Taylor, I can explain, it's not what it looks like' he says looking angry.
'Of course it fucking wasn't' I say angrily and storming out. I should've known. I should've known he was a fucking slag. I get my phone out to call Tristan to ask if i could stay the night as i don't want to talk to Brad right now. As i walk outside i see a taxi and hop in and give him Tris' address. As it drives away I watch Brad run outside the pub, looking for me, but i couldn't care less. I don't want him to know where i am right now.

'Hey Tris, can i stay the night? I'll explain when i'm there'
'Hey, of course you can, you're welcome any time. I'll pick you up if you want, where are you?'
'I'm in a taxi, i'll be there in 10' I say trying to hold back the tears.
'Okay see you soon T'
'Yeh see you'

Sorry i had to add some drama, it was kinda boring without it hehe xo

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