chapter nine

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(Katsuki's pov)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the new kid he looked so handsome i had never seen anything more beautiful he is gonna be a lady magnet for sure that is if I don't get him first he has been on my mind ever since this morning

"Bakugou! Bakugou! KATSUKI BAKUGOU!" My best friend kiri shouted snaping me out of my thoughts

"Huh? What do you want shity hair?"

"Haven't you been listening?!"


"Hmph what in your mind anyways?" He asked

"None of your damn business!"

"Geez just trying to help " he replied

and with that I got up from my seat and that's when I saw the handsome guy with half white and half red hair walk into the cafeteria he grabbed his lunch and went to sit alone in the back perfect I can go and talk to him now but before I got there round face got to him and sat next to him

"Get the fuck away round face I want to talk to half and half here"

"Yea well no need to be so rude I am not leaving what do you want to him anyways" she replied back crosing her arms

"None of your damn business now leave!" I screamed back at her

"Hey hold on here come on bakugou lets go sit back at our table" a voice said as I noticed that kirishima had followed me here

"No leave me alone shity hair!"

"Eh sorry about him he is always like that just ignore him " kirishima said trying to push me back to our desk but I wasn't having any of it so I walked out of the cafeteria

(Shouto's pov)

The girl that sat next to me a few minutes ago smiked brightly

"Hai I'm Ochaco Uraraka " she said

"Um.. hi I'm shoutou todoroki " i quietly replied back

"Don't mind that guy his name is katsuki bakugou he is I guess you could say the popular kid or the jock and he is always super rude and screams at everone so don't take it personally! Most of the girls here have crush on him i think he looks like a rat tho but he refuses to date any of them so people assumed he is gay but then he refused to date kirishima his bestfriend aka the red haired guy with crazy hair so he is probably just jealous now that all the girls and guys have a crush on you!"She said as she keep talking about more and more about the other students but there was only one on my mind

"Uh I have to go-" i said as I walked out of the cafeteria in search for the guy with spiky hair

After searching for a while I finally found him on his phone under a tree

"Uh hey " i quietly said

"Oi leave me alone" he replied not even looking at me

I felt even more nervous than I did before I was clearly disturbing his time

"..Y-you w-wanted to talk to me " i said with a slight stutter for God sake he with as already mad this will just add more fuel to the fire im so stupid I should have left him alo-

"Ohhh you are the half and half guy " he said smirking at me

To be continued......

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