Chapter five

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Dylan and Grayson were outside the door sitting on a bench that had RILEY HIGH written on it.
"What's the damage?" Dylan asks.

" I just got two little cuts above my ring finger, nothing major but she still wrapped my hand," I gestured toward my slightly swollen hand " I have to keep ice on it for a while though."

I glance over to Grayson to him intensely starring at my hand. Dylan elbows Grayson in the ribs to get him to snap back into reality.

Grayson meets my eyes. "The lunch bell rang, you can eat with us if you want."
"Sure that would be nice." I glance towards my bag and sling it around my shoulders. "I just need to put some books in my locker."

"Okay, do you want us to go with you or do you wanna meet us in the cafeteria?" Grayson asks.

"It doesn't really matter, just tell me where the cafeterias and I will meet y'all there."

Grayson looks me up and down as if he is questioning if I can handle that are not. That kinda pisses me off. So I look at Dylan waiting to receive my directions. "So are y'all gonna tell me or.....?" I'm starting to get impatient. "Sorry , just go down this hall and make a left." Dylan says.

"Thanks." I start to walk off to my locker and I look behind me to see the twins walk the opposite direction to the cafeteria.

Once I reach my locker I put in the combination and open the door. Out of the corner of my eye I see the restroom.

Great now I have to pee, stupid bladder. I drag my feet into the bathroom to find it empty. Once I finish my business I start to wash my hands when the door swings open.

Ruby enters with her cheerleading squad. Our eyes meet and I can already tell she is gonna start some shit. "Oh girls look what the cat dragged in." Ruby says and her friends giggle.

Oh shit they really wanna get their asses beat. I roll my eyes trying not to give in. "Look girls the cat has her tongue."

Oh my god I really hate her voice. Just count to 10 Elle and breathe. Ruby notices that I'm not giving in and she starts to blow steam.

"Well you need to back off from the twins they are mine." That remark pushes me over the edge.

I turn my body towards her look her up and down with disgust on my face. "Okay first off I just met the twins and second they are not a piece of meat you can just take you dumbass."

She was shocked at my outburst but quickly regained her posture. "Listen here bitch I own this school. I can make your life a living hell so you better watch out." She starts to come closer to me.

"I know girls like you, that think the world revolves you. Well news flash honey it doesn't so go back to football field and cheer on the damn football players. Oh and I would roast you more but my mom says I'm not allowed to burn trash." I say and grab my stuff and head to the cafeteria.

I slowly walk to cafeteria vaguely remembering the directions I was given. I look around the room scanning the crowd for the twins. The football team was right beside where they are sitting.

*internally groans*

Okay Elle you have got to show them what your made of or you're gonna become pathetic again.

Shit, not this again. Why can't they just leave me alone?

Here comes Page, the schools queen. She walks up to my table with her minions, flipping her long black hair.

Just ignore her maybe it won't be as bad today. Just try to read, because that is the only thing I can do because I can't afford lunch.

"Ew, look here girls the nerd is reading, during lunch, what a loser." Page remarks. Her minions giggle and snatch my book.

"Hey give that back." I whisper "What was that freak I didn't hear you?" Page says.

I start to gather my things so I can get a head start to class. I look up and realize the whole student body is watching me.

"Are you gonna answer me freak?" She grabs my arm and I whimper. That's where the belt buckle hit last night.

"Aw are you gonna cry you freak huh are you going to run home to mommy and daddy? Go cry me a river." Her minion throws the book at me and hits the floor with a loud bang.

The cafeteria is now laughing and yelling out names like, 'ugly bitch', 'freak show' , 'nerd' .

I quickly pick up the book and run out of the cafeteria.
End of flashback*

I snap back to reality when a hand touches my shoulder. Apparently, I was blocking the only way to get into the cafeteria so I move over and start to walk over to the twins.

Dylan and Grayson are sitting in front of each other. I sit beside Grayson making myself comfortable. "We waited for you so we can get lunch." Gray says.

"No that's okay I'm not eating." I lay my hand gently down on the table, trying not to cause it more pain.

"Why are you not eating?" Dylan asks.

"I'm not hungry, what's with all the questions?" I start to get a little agitated.

"Okay tiger calm down it was only a question." Dylan says.

Graysons gaze burns into me as is he is searching for the answer.

"Well maybe some questions don't need to asked!" I say slightly agitated. I quickly storm out of the cafeteria and I catch a glimpse of the students to see them starring at me.

"Do you have a problem?" I yell, they all quickly turn away embarrassed that I saw them. Rolling my eyes I walk out into the halls.

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