Italy x Reader

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Here is Italy! I trouble deciding what to make his about, then I had the perfect idea! I am still needing some suggestions so remember to give me some! You can do Pirate! x reader, 2p! x reader, country x country, or anything you can think of!


*before the world meeting*

"Ve~ _____, can I take-a you out to dinner tonight?" the bubbly italian asked, rocking back and forth on his heels.

It was your birthday and Italy always takes you out to dinner on your birthday. So far, you don't think anyone has remembered your birthday accept him.

"Sure Italy. Where are we going?" 

"I want-a you to choose bella."

You thought for a moment then got the perfect idea. Olive Garden. Just thinking about the never ending pasta dish made your mouth water.

"How about Olive Garden?"

Italy jumped for joy.

"That's-a perfect bella! I will pick-a you up at 6! Make sure to dress nicely." he skipped over to Germany and the world meeting started.

xxxxxtime skip made possible by ~Pasta!~xxxxx

You dressed in a simple black strapless dress that went to your knees, then put on a matching pair of heels.

Next you curled your hair and applied some mascara, but that was it. you weren't big on make-up.

"Wow, you look beautiful!"

You turned around to see Italy at your bedroom door, in a tuxedo and holding roses.

"These are for you bella." he handed you the red flowers.

"Wow Italy. These are beautiful. Let me put them in a vase." 

You went down stairs and got a vase and filled it with water. Putting the flowers, in the vase, you saw a small card that you hadn't noticed before.

You pulled it out and it read,

Happy birthday to _____, the girl prettier than pasta!~

Awww, that's so sweet, You thought. 

Italy was waiting for you by the door, holding your black fluffy coat.

"Let-a me lock up while you go to your car." He held out his hand. You gave him the keys then went outside.

From the car you see Italy lock the door, fumble with keys, then he pulled out his cellphone, pressed a few buttons, then put it back.

 He got in the car, handed you the keys, and acted like nothing happened. You started the engine and drove to Olive Garden.

Dinner was perfect. Both of you got the never ending pasta and pizza. It was 7:30 and you could barely eat another bite. 

"Come on Italy. Let's go home." You said.

Italy looked like he was panicking.

"W-wait. U-um," He stuttered, "We didn't have dessert yet!" Italy bounced a little in his seat and picked up the dessert menu.

A little confused you sat back down and ordered a shake.

Italy was slowly eating his shake and making sure to make it last. Looking at the time, it said 8:00.

"Can we go now Italy?"

He shook his head and his phone went off.

"I'm-a sorry bella, I have to take-a this." He went to the bathroom and came out a little while later. 

"Come on-a. Let's go." Italy had a relieved look on his face and he took your hand and walked you back to the car.

xxxxx Time  skip made possible by Flying Mint Bunnyxxxxx

You pulled up the your house and the windows were pitch black.

That's wierd, You thought, I thought I left the lights on. 

You went to the door and noticed it was unlocked.

"Italy, I thought you locked the door." You turned to Italy who was jumping on his toes.

"Is it unlocked? Uh-oh it must not have locked. Let's going inside." He kept a smile plastered on his face and he seemed like he was trying to keep something from you.

You opened the door and flicked on the light. The whole house was decorated with streamers and balloons and there was a cake in the middle of the room.

Confetti blasters went off and everyone you know jumped up and yelled, "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

"Happy birthday _____." Italy said, then he picked you up in a hug and spun around. 

"You guys did this for me? Wait, how did you get into my house?" You asked. Romano came out from the crowd.

"My fratello orginized all of this. When he locked your door, he took the key off the key ring and dropped it onto the mat so we could get in. Then he texted Germany to let us know you had left and it was time to start getting ready." Romano patted Italy on the back.

"Italy thank you so much." You gave him a hug and kissed his cheek.

"LET'S PARTY!" You yelled and music blared and the lights were replaced with glow in the dark flashing lights.


The party was over and Italy, Romano, Spain, Prussia, and France were helping you clean up. After that they went home except for Italy.

"That was amazing Italy. Thank you." You sat on the couch and instantly fell asleep. Italy carried you upstairs, laid you down in your bed, crawled in next to you, and cuddled by your side the rest of the night.


I hope you liked it! Leave a comment and remember to suggest! I know I say it a lot, but so far I have got none and I need some.

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