New Prompts

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1. "Those were my mythically productive days."

2. "Stop screaming! It's just a twisted ankle."

3. "Pay attention on the battle, you two. Or your romance might turn into a tragedy."

4. "Why did you two stop? Keep flirting."

5. "T-this is the worst idea you've ever had!"

6. "Stop smirking."

7. "I know you wanna stab me, but please upgrade from a butter knife."

8. "Running around in a snow clogged neighborhood in the middle of the night is not my idea of having fun!"

9. "You cannot die! I won't let it happen!"

10. "You've...never really looked at me that way now, did you?"

11. "They've given me their whole world, now it's my time to return it back."

12. "That smile is too much for me."

13. "Choose. Piggyback or princess carry."

14. "You're strong. You've always been."

15. "Oh, of course. You words were as clear as the morning blue sky."

16. "Come on! How do you always take me wrong?"

17. "Dammit! I should've snapped a picture!"

18. "At least stop lying now! It's all over the News!"

19. "Remember your worth."

20. "Pretty sunsets are good for pretty confessions, don't you think?"

21. "They screamed! But you didn't help!"

22. "Let's go places, together."

23. "Go and die for all I care!"

24. "Let me in."

25. "Open this damned gate now!"

26. "Only if you could learn to lean on us... it'll make everything less painful for all."

27. "Oops?"

28. "Stop poking me!"

29. "They started it, I simply didn't want to leave a job undone."

30. "Could you be like...a little less idiotic?"

31. "When I said the dough was supposed to be sticky...I never meant you adding a superglue to it!"

32. "Sometimes, I think, I'm going to fall and you won't be able to catch me."

33. "Do you trust me?"

34. "Why? Since when did you care?"

35. "Don't be so full of yourself!"

36. "Let them see. It's not like we're doing anything wrong."

37. "Don't! Don't come near me!"

38. "I cannot give up now."

39. "I never say it. But...I do appreciate it."

40. "Why do you try so hard?"

41. "Look. You are my best friend...but if you don't get off my sister right now..."

42. "One whole onion. When I said whole...I didn't mean entirely whole."

43. "Promise you won't let go."

44. "It's late, why are you still here?"

45. "Are you still a coward?"

46. "You did run!"

47. "Strength is all about believing."

48. "You've worked hard, haven't you?"

49. "I'm counting on you to save me, okay?"

50. "Your beauty is more like that of a warrior."

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