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Loki's P.O.V
My eyes shot open "where is she" was my first thought before I heard Odin's deep voice grumble something. I sprung up from the infirmary bed and to the next room. Her eyelids where gently closed and her skin shined in the suns light. "oh Loki, your awake. How are you feeling" my mother asked with a since of urgency. "I'm she" I asked and the room went quiet.

"Loki, you need to protect yourself" my father groaned not caring to answer my question. " you see me...I train twice what he does and I still look like a sad kola" I hissed pointing to my muscled up brother then waving my noodle like arms trying to make myself smile. "I would love to protect myself but I can only do it with magic but you would rather see me bleed than surpass all your Spartan soldier mutants" I growled once again before he could speak. I could feel him stand taller and thor's gaze burn holes through my face. "Loki" my father raised his voice staring me down but I didn't care. I wasn't what should be the focus in here...

Constance's P.O.V
I watched at the black haired boy marched out of the room keeping in his bubbling anger. "Oh Annie..." my mother stated but I put my hand up and projected a smile on my face. "I'm fine just fragile" I giggled. "Oh dearie I'm so sorry that's the first impression you got" Odin's began to mumble acting as if he totally didn't dis his own son. "I probably would have been dead if he didn't take it for me, I got a great first impression" I scratched my neck pointing at the door which just shut from Loki's unknowing hand.

"I'm sorry what" odin's deep voice asked. "I jumped in front of him taking a blow, I guess it made the kid who swung mad as they turn there rage to me but before they could touch me again loki regained there attention" I shrugged as mouths dropped throughout the room. "If you don't mind I would like to give my thanks to the boy" I said while my tall thin legs landed on the floor and swiftly dashed out of the room. "Loki" I called secretly hoping I pronounced his name correctly, my accent made it difficult. Down the large hall I saw a head turn, the owners cheeks where bright red and his eyes all puffy. My legs began to run faster letting me get to him "I can't thank you enough, your a hero" I smiled. I got a look I wasn't quite expecting though. His serpent green eyes widened and his head laid to the right a bit "did you hit your head, my brothers blonde...let's get you back to the infirmary" he said shaking his head as his hair sparkled off the golden walls reflection and his hands reached out to me. "No I mean you, all your brother did was carry me away, your the one that saved me" I laughed as I walked nodding for him to follow.

At that moment a bond began to form, think of a rope as it slowly breaks. Every thread snapping in half, finally giving in to the pressure...think about that but backwards. A thin piece of string alone, that over the years became intertwined with other memories...moments...and words making this rope more durable, flexible, more...unbreakable.

"Oh and I can teach you about magic" I informed. I'm pretty sure I felt his hope raise a couple notches. "Really" he asked stopping in his tracks. "Of course I cannot preform your magic for I am connected with my source of magic, you create yours inside of you...but it all works the same" I smiled. He looked at my face for the longest time. That could have been the first smile he's seen for years.

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