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Her lips were like trapped sun rays; every time she smiled, a deep warmth filled him. Moonlight was hidden in her eyes; beautiful, mysterious, unreachable. Her blond hair waving down her shoulders was like fluid gold, her...

An elbow in his side dragged him out of his admiration. Reluctantly, he tore his glance away from what looked like an incarnated goddess. Including marvelous curves, long legs and a voice enchanting him at the first tone.

"If you like to keep your eyes, you don't look at her."

Juice raised his eyebrows as he saw the somewhat chubby blond guy next to him. He was wearing an Avengers cap and in his glasses Juice could see the annoyance on his own face. "What? Am I supposed to be scared of you?"

The boy laughed – it sounded genuine. "I could say 'yes'. Not that I'm a danger to you, but my brother is in a biker club. The Sons of Anarchy, you know them?"

Juice shrugged his shoulders. Someone might have mentioned them. He however was familiar with the Mayans MC, so he could imagine what the guy was trying to tell him. Getting on the bad side of the local motor gang probably wasn't the best idea when you were new in town.

"Anyway, I'm Maz."


"Well, actually Marius Kozik but that sounds lame. So it's Maz. What about you?"

"I'm Juice." He lifted the corner of his mouth as he saw the look in the boy's eyes. "Born as Juan Carlos Ortiz tho. But Juice is my stage name."

Maz started to laugh. "That sounds even dumber than Juan Carlos."

Juice smirked. He liked the guy.

His attention was drawn back to the blond girl. She clearly belonged to the cool clique, but she didn't seem arrogant or excessively frumpy.

"So... who's she?"


"She's fucking hot."

Maz flinched. Skittishly, he looked over his shoulder. "I'm serious bro," he whispered. "Her boyfriend is fucked in the head. Threw acid in my homie's face because he was staring at her. And if you think that's all... Her brother is known as the Tacoma Killer. He's a biker. They're gonna rip your legs and arms off if you make a move. Both of 'em."

Juice couldn't help it; again his eyes shot to the beautiful girl. She caught his glance, holding it and smiling at him in a way making the blood rush through his veins, hot as lava.

No way those ghost stories were gonna stop him.

At one look he knew: this hot chick was worth the fight.

Juice never could have foreseen how many times he would have to remind himself to these words.

. . .

This is an AU for Dana and Juice from my Runaway/Ghosts serie. This book can be read as a stand alone, background stories of both books however might overlap. First chapter will be posted when Ghosts is finished, probably begin October. (: 

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