I need some suggestions

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Hey, guys. I'm having a little writers block on where to go next in this book, I'll not going to discontinue this book because that's not fair to you or me. Plus, I really  do enjoy writing this book.

But I'm having trouble getting to where I want It to go, which I'm not sure what I want anymore.

Like I said, this book will still continue but I need a little help writing it.

So if any of you have any ideas in where the story line should go to it would be appreciated, and if I like your idea and use it I will give you credit, I'm not a monster.

So if you have an idea please do comment or PM/ message me, it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading this note and enjoying this book. So comment and/or message me with ideas and I'll try to update when inspiration strikes me.

Until next time, my dear readers.

Blue_Galaxy_Queen out!

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