Taron Egerton #4

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A/N Pretend your name is slightly difficult to pronounce if it's not lol

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A/N Pretend your name is slightly difficult to pronounce if it's not lol


"Your listening to Magic Weekend Breakfast with me Tom Price" the radio host stated happily into the mic. "And not only have you got one welsh legend on the show this morning... that's me guys today, I'm also joined by the extremely talented and beautiful actress Y/N L/N". Y/N simply grinned adjusting her headphones before thanking the man for inviting her "It's lovely to see you again" the y/h/c girl said politely.

After a couple of questions about the girls upcoming movie and previous works ect Tom Price decided it was now time to play a new game inspired by his wife's theory. It was called 'Can children read Y/N L/N's name properly' jokingly looking around the room and under the table the actress was a tad confused "I.. I don't see any children" readjusting herself in one of the blue wheelie chairs all offices seem to have, the ones with that scratchy tough fabric. Tom smiled softly before explaining in more detail how it was going to work and after the first 2-3 children Y/N was starting to thoroughly enjoy herself. Soon the last clip started to play and a familiar voice played through the small room "My name is Taron and I'm 29." What was going on? The girl thought with a puzzled look etched over her face. "That's actresses name is Y/N Egerton... at least it will be if she agrees to marry me." Silence, nothing seemed to be coming out of her mouth no matter how many words her brain wanted to spit out. Of course the answer was yes! Of course she wanted to marry Taron. The door to the studio open quietly before a hand turned her chair around only to be greeted by the Welsh man on one knee "So is it a yes?".

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