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❤512likes 💬107comments
face? Yes
height? Yes
charisma? Of course
But in that pyjamas? Em nope

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💬@thisisseungwoo: thanks to me im the photographer after all😏
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💬@dong_ppp: I love your caption!💯💯💯
@y_haa.n: is it a sin to wear pyjamas?
@_eunsang9902: not a sin but...yes for you since you look cool outside
@chacha.jh: @y_haa.n @_eunsang9902 *act to be a fangirl fangirling yohan hyung* "awww he's cute in da pyjamas I kennot aww"
@y_haa.n: @chacha.jh what the flower???
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@y_haa.n: hyung don't u join them too?! The pyjamas are so comfortable and that's all!!!😭😭😭
💬@mint___ha: I won't believe it if I didn't see it myself but I did👀👀
💬@donghyun0514: junho hyung's post flooded with comments😂😂😂


"ha yah ge bul ta beo ryeo sseo; a mu geos do eop seo da beo ryeo sseo yo; nam eun geon ha na o jik neo ppu ni ya"

Wooseok holding microphone singing White Night by Up10tion, with us singing together beside.

"neon na ui ma ji mak!" Jinhyuk holds another microphone singing together with wooseok.

"sae kka mah ge bul ta beo ryeo sseo
na meun geos do eop si da beo ryeo sseo yo i mam meom chu ryeo ha ji ma~" we wave our hands singing together.

"Wooshin is so handsome yahhhh literally my role model" after singing, wooseok stops dancing and sits down.

"Wei is more handsome okay? He knows to rap and dance as well." Jinhyuk claims, fanboying towards Wei, the member of Up10tion. (I'm referring to wooseok's stage name (Wooshin) and jinhyuk's stage name (Wei) in up10tion lolol😂😂 *jinhyuk has used back his name 'jinhyuk' instead of Wei now*)

"Can't we just ship weishin? I like them both" donghyun eating ramen says (yes that's me shipping weishin)

"Right that's a way too!"

"Noona, noona. It's your turn to sing!" Donghyun passes the microphone to me.


"Ya, just sing!"

"Sing! Noona sing!" Jinwoo claps

"Eunsang" I call eunsang and he looks at me, I pass another microphone to him.


Eunsang closes his eyes while nodding.

"Another Day
Seulpeun mareun haji marayo
So far away
Amu maldo haji marayo
Sarangi geureohge
Himdeulge hanayo
Maeumi geureohge
Neoman chajgo issnayo"

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