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Taehyung wasn't one of those who'd think or ponder over things that have passed, rather thought it to be something insignificant. He had intelligent eyes with the spark of adventure tamed by rules. Throughout his life, he didn't want to admit that he was that loner, that child of two rich business people. He couldn't afford to damage their name because of the respect that was attached to it. He knew to keep or developing feelings for someone was useless because at one point he was just going to be used as an asset.

The girl that talked but luxurious and lavish life in front of him meant nothing but a rebound he never needed. Min He kept on talking but something greater had ignited today. This act of liking Min He to death was for what? Why was Taehyung doing this? Was it to show Tae He that he would never like a girl like her or was to convince himself that he couldn't like anyone?

The irritation and frustration were getting to him, each morsel of food was hard to swallow with the chattering of Min He. He hated how things were going on a better path for him and Tae He. He didn't want it but it was. This unsettling feeling was aggravating in the pit of his stomach couldn't fathom the fact that this was only going to take him down and no one else because no would care.

The dinner had finished with unpleasant feelings on behalf of Taheyung and the way back home was in a blur, time went unnoticed. With him in bed, he thought of today with even more depth than before, how Tae He's words are crumbled him. Taehyung for the past few months had forgotten these feelings but it was almost impossible to forget her just like that.  Taehyung wished he wasn't born into this family that couldn't care less for him.

Morning came in with the sun being covered by clouds black as the hair that was held up in a ponytail. Tae He walked through the hallways to make her way to the lecture room. Today there were Cold sweats and pale lips on her face. She looked almost dead from outside. She had her hands fisted inside her hoodie pockets. Just when she reached the lecture room students started to go out of the class though the class had just started. Tae He stopped one student to inquire

"What's up? Why are you all leaving the class?" She asked in a lacklustre voice.

"Mrs Park didn't come today so it's a free class today," the student said and went by without noticing that Tae He was on the verge of falling on the ground. Her breathing got heavy and vision had started to get blurry. A nauseous feeling started to develop in her gut but from her peripheral view, she could see Taehyung reaching towards her. She looked in his direction with eyes that had monotonous in them.

When Taehyung laid his eyes on Tae He, his heart flipped in worry. Her eyes were dead and skin flushed out of the crimson red colour of blood. His steps were at a halt but when he saw her struggling to make her way to somewhere to sit, he walked up to her swiftly. He was so close to her but so hesitant to take any further step but then Tae He fell on her knees. She hissed in pain and nearing unconsciousness. Taehyung wrapped one arm around her back to support her but when his eyes met hers he couldn't help but do something for her betterment.

"Taehyung take me to the nurse room, I'm not feeling okay at all," Tae He said while small intervals. Taehyung hadn't uttered a word but surely listened to what she had said. Lifting her up with the support given by him, Taehyung took her to the nurse room which was most probably the most shabby place in the university.

An intravenous dose was given to Tae He as she slept through that and Taehyung who sat beside her the whole time. The nurse said she was low on sugars which were most definitely because she hadn't eaten breakfast.

Taehyung sat beside her until she had regained her full consciousness. Her face had gotten its plum and red checks back and Tae He felt so much better than this morning. By now it was 1 pm. Tae He for quite a while didn't realise Taehyung was sitting beside her bed as she just looked above at the sealing that had a slightly flickering tube light. The whiteness of the nurse room was considerably uncomfortable and the chair that Taehyung sat on was exceptionally hard.

"Oh my god, what in the hell happened to me?" Tae He said with a wavering voice.

"So you're awake," Taehyung speaks up to which Tae He snaps her neck towards him. What a (not so) pleasant surprise. She stared at him for a slipt second but then shook her head.

"So what did I do?" Tae He questioned as she put her arm under her head.

"You didn't eat breakfast didn't you," Taehyung got up from his place and stood beside her.

"I was running late that's why I couldn't and I also feel nauseous."

"Well, you fainted because of that."

"So you mean I missed the classes for today?"

"Yup!! Pretty much all."

"And you stayed here?"

Oh yeah, he did stay there all the time. What is that he is going to say to her. Saying he didn't wouldn't be that of a big lie, it wouldn't matter much but would he do so. It's not even a big deal but still overthinking over such a trivial thing.

"Yeah I did," like a mere mumble, he replied to her. Her eyes glare into his finding it unusual and not certainly comforting of him staying beside her until she regained consciousness.

"And why'd you do that?" Tae He questioned him once again with a brainstorming approach. She couldn't help but this unknown curiousness get to her. It was so unusual to let go off. Something inside her did a somersault when he said he stayed and it was unsettling.

"It's because I'm... a... caring person.... yeah yeah its because I'm a caring person." Taehyung buffered to answer but something very suitable and unquestionable came out.

"You might be but not for me." And did she think that way? Taehyung looked hurt but set to not let his guard off. It was too precious to let go of.

"I'm a caring person for you only." He hummed it near her face which was once again out of colour. These words were something she thought she was imagining, too unrealistic but undeniably true. Her heart hated him her mind did too and so did Taehyung but words that came out were nothing but the truth for Taehyung.

Taehyung let go of guard and what's the price he'd have to pay. He didn't want to hurt her because he'd have to leave her at some point with his unwillingness.


Hiii. I hope this chapter was good enough but I'm trying my best to improve. And secondly, I'm sorry for the updates ik it's annoying but thank you for your support 🥰😘

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