chapter eight ~ todays your lucky day

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'Hello ya lovely bunch so our day album has just launched today so swipe up and give it a listen, only if you want to though, byee love ya lots'

I smile whilst watching his Instagram story, i feel like a proud mum. Brad and I have been dating for a month now and i couldn't be happier. He's the sweetest most caring guy i've ever met, i never want to leave his side. I swipe up on his story to listen to the album since he told me 'you have to wait till the album comes out to listen to it like all the other fans do'.

After listening to the whole album i decide to facetime Brad since he was in London with the boys.
'Hey baby'
'Hii Brad, i love the album'
'That's what i like to hear from my girl, what's your favourite song in it?'
'My girl, i love that name by the way and my favourite song... em probably talk later or just my type. But i loved personal and what your father says too. I love every song in it, I also love Maggie Lindemann, i'd love to meet her'
'Wow that was too many 'loves' in one sentence i could hardly comprehend what you said. Annnddd today's your lucky day because i was wondering if you'd like to come on tour with us, and if you do you can meet Maggie, you'll probably like her more than you like me, she's lovely'
'Wait really??!! Is Joe okay with me coming?? I'd love to come!!!'
'Joe asked me to ask you if you want to come, he loves you Tay Tay'
'Oh my god i'm so excited to see my baby perform! When does tour start?'
'So it's February now and we would like to get the UK tour finished by June so probably March.'
'I can't wait baby! I also can't wait to meet Connor and James'
'Tris is here right now, you can speak to him if you want'
'Yes! I haven't seen him in ages!'
'Tris! I've got someone here who wants to talk to you'
'Who is i- Taylor! Bestie! I cant wait to see you again, are you coming on tour with us?'
'Yes i am, bestie, i cant wait to see you too! Bet your all excited to spend a few months with me on tour'
'I think i'll be Taylored out by June'
'Oi you love me, everyone loves me'
'I can agree with you on that'
'Anyway Taylor babe we've got to go now, we've got an interview but i'll talk to you later'
'Aww bye Brad, bye bestie. See you soon'

Today me and my best friend India were going to lunch since we hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks. I hadn't told her about Brad and I yet, but she knows how I met him and about the crush I had on him.

'Hey bitch' she says pulling me into a hug
'India! Ive missed you' i reply
'Tay, i saw you 2 weeks ago'
'Exactly, ages ago' i say which she just rolls her eyes and chuckles to. We get seated in a cafe and order our food and drinks.
'Sooo, hows Brad?' India says with a wink
'Well um told him that i liked him and he told me he liked me too and now he's my boyfriend' i say smiling
'Ind stop screaming. And about a month'
'A MONTH!? How the hell did you keep it from me for that long?' she says calling down a bit.
'I don't know, normally i tell you things like 2 seconds after they happen'
'Damn right you do. Have you y'know, done it yet?'
'Done what?' I knew she meant had sex i just pretended i didn't.
'Y'know, has sex'
'Oh my god you're such an embarrassment' i say facepalming.
'So how's your love life Ind' I say changing the subject.
'Well I like this guy, we've met a few times and we talk a lot but i don't think he feels the same' she says looking down at her lap.
'What's his name?'
'Yeh, do you know him?'
'How do you know him?'
'He's Brads best friend and band mate'
'No way, really?'
'Yes, so you know what that means... DOUBLE DATES!'
'But what if he doesn't feel the same T, what if he just likes me as a friend'
'You never know until you speak about it' i say trying to comfort her.
'yeh i guess' she says flatly
'Oo! i know what to do, i'll mention your name when i'm next with Tris and see what he says!'
'That's a good idea' she says smirking.

This chapters so short, it was more of just a filler :(
The next part gets better hehe xo

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