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Jungkook knew he was dead. He simply knew it.

He knew from the way he'd closed his eyes moments prior that he was slipping away from the earth.

He knew from the way he opened his eyes once again that he was in a completely new world.

Glancing down at his body, Jungkook immediately noticed the difference. Rather than experiencing the usual, dull aches pulsating through his joints, Jungkook felt young once again.

His hands were no longer veiny and wrinkled. Instead, they were similar to how they once were: smooth and youthful.

"Kook?" a deep voice sounded out from ahead of him, causing the man's body to freeze.

He couldn't move.

He couldn't breathe.

It was that voice.. the voice he'd been craving to hear for the past half a century.

"Kook, baby. Look at me. I'm here," it sounded out again, to which Jungkook squeezed his eyes shut, unable to muster enough courage to look at the sight before him.

"Tae?" he called out uncertainly, his own stomach doing repetitive flips of utter nervousness. "Please tell me it's you. Please," he chanted to himself, praying it wasn't only his mere mind playing tricks on him.

"Why don't you come and see for yourself?"

And Jungkook did.

He slowly, with baited breath, raised his head until his eyes met the familiar figure ahead of him.

The figure, whom he so helplessly dreamed about meeting for endless years.

"Taehyung.." he breathed out, feeling his own eyes fill with tears at his loved standing in front of him, looking as youthful as the day he passed.

Taehyung still had his bright blue hair, along with his flawless bronze skin, which made him look as angelic as ever.

And it was at that moment, that both boys couldn't endure another moment apart. They braced themselves before sprinting to each other; Jungkook grabbed Taehyung, hoisting him up into the air as the elder wrapped his legs around the raven-haired's waist.

The two stared at each other, their gaze radiating sheer love.

No words needed to be exchanged. As they crashed their lips against each other's, Jungkook almost melted at the sensation he'd been desperate for, for almost an eternity.

The feeling of his mouth against Taehyung's as the two breathed raggedly against each other, their hot tears of elation sliding down their cheeks whilst they fiercely kissed one another was simply indescribable.

Jungkook and Taehyung knew they'd finally gotten their wish.

They could finally spend all of eternity together, without having to keep absolutely anything masked away from anyone.

"Taehyungie?" the younger whispered, mumbling against the latter's cherry lips.

"Yes, my love?"

"I love you."


A/n: okay I wouldn't have done this originally BUUT I might've felt bad about all the comments about how I ended it, so there yall go (;

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