Chapter 10: Crushed

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You came out about ten minutes later, dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. Your hair was let down and you threw on some tennis shoes.

"Want to see what Tony's up to?" You asked Peter when you came out.

"Sure." He put his arms at his side when you both started walking towards the lab, "You look really nice."

"Thanks, but I'm in sweats." You smirked.

"Still...looks nice." He blushed.

"You look nice too." You nodded with a smile, "Hey, Pete?"


"Is that a bruise by your eye? I didn't notice it before." You stopped and turned to him.

"Oh, yeah." He touched it quickly, remembering how he got in out on patrol taking on a few more criminals than he should have.

"What happened?" You put your fingers to it lightly, but he flinched at the pain, "Sorry."

"It's okay, I walked into a door." He lied.

"You officially have the clumsy title for the group." You smirked, not making a move to leave your spot and go to the lab.

"Ned tripped over his own feet last week! He still holds the title and only because that was clumsier than you tripping over my backpack at my house." You both laughed at the memory.

"You ran into a door. A door." You smirked.

"Fine." He sighed, defeated.

"Say it." You demanded, booping his nose, making his face crinkle into a smile.

"I'm princess clumsy." He muttered, smile still on his face from your touch.

"Ha! You said it!" You laughed and then turned to keep walking. You thought for a second and then added, "Did May freak out?"

"Yes. Even after I explained it was a door." He huffed.

"So, then you freaked out."

"When she freaks out, I freak out!" He defended.

"You should've just told her I punched you, that way she would've known it was justified. No innocent doors involved." You teased.

"You'd punch this face?" He walked backwards a bit ahead of you and pointed at his face, giving you his best puppy eyes.

"I could never!" You gasp, clutching your chest dramatically, and then you both laughed.

"Y/n? What are you doing here?" Tony asked when you realized you made it to the lab door.

"I'm here to work? Your assistant?" You asked, confused.

"I thought you were still training with Barnes. Parker, I told you to come alone." He looked stern.

"Oh, that's right. Sorry, Mr. Stark. I was watching here train-"

"I don't wanna hear it." He put his hand up, but Peter continued.

"And then she asked to check in on you when she finished."

"And now I gotta hear it." He huffed.

"I lost track, I'm sorry, but you did hire her and so technically it's your fault-" He stopped when he saw the look on Tony's face, "No. No. No. I take that back."

"You were supposed to come down while she trained. Not after."

"That's my fault, Tony. I asked him to join me." You intervened.

"He doesn't need to train." Tony mumbled.

"And I do?"

"Yes." He answered, not backing away.

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