Chapter 31- plans

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Jacks POV
"He has one more week in the hospital" the doctor explains.
"Okay, thankyou doctor" I say.
"Of course"  he replies
I walk back over to Zach room.
"Guess who gets out of the hospital in a week?!" I say.
Zach immediately looks up at me.
"Ummmm... who?" He asks not knowing.
Seriously Zach? Who else would it be? I love him and all but I swear he could be the dumbest thing in this planet.
"Seriously Zach?! It's the lady next door!" I say with a sarcastic tone in my voice.
"Oh..." I hear him say softly.
He then looks down at his ands and fiddles with his fingers. I then face palm.
"Zach! It's you who's getting out! Who else would it be?! But the lady next door is also getting out." I say with a giggle.
"Yay!!!!" He yells and starts cheering.
I start to cheer with him.

"What will we do when I get out?" Zach asks me.
I go over and sit next to him in his bed.
"I have an idea" I say.
"Oooo, what is it?!" He asks excitedly.
"It's a surprise" I say.
I then leave the room while Zach says 'ughhhh' so I could get a yogurt for him and I.

My idea for the date is like our very first one but better. I'm gonna set up a spot at the beach for us and get some food for us to eat. We will swim and have an amazing romantic time. Then I'll surprise him after we swim with the boys and I singing.
Yes, I can sing, and so can the boys. We've been practicing for years together but we've never become a band or anything like that.
I'll then give him a bouquet of flowers and we will head off to a nice hotel just for some alone time.
It will be amazing.

After I get the yogurt I see the boys. Jonah's whispering something in Dani's ear. Then Dani blushed. Huh?
Anyways, I just walk away and go to Zach's room to give him the yogurt.
I wonder what that whole Daniel and Jonah thing was about?

Hey guys! Should I add some Donah to this book? I won't make it the main focus or anything but I will have just another cute couple while Corbina and Jachary are together.

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