30: Unexpected Guests

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        A long, metallic hiss sounds throughout the room, causing me to pause in my movements. The murmured prayers also come to a quick end. The room dives back into silence. I glance around in confusion, wondering what could have emitted such a strange sound. I look down at my knife and curse beneath my breath when I see that it’s dragged against the floor, leaving behind a long, white scratch in the wood.

            “Who’s there?”

            Fear pumps into my veins at the sound of the person’s voice. My eyes widen as a sick realization settles over me. Something about that voice rings familiar. It’s hard to tell without seeing their face, but I’m sure I recognize it.

            Before I can begin to contemplate what this could mean, I feel the bed start to quiver. The legs of the bed scrape against the hard floor as the entire bed shifts over. They’re moving the bed.

            I roll with the shifting bed, determined to stay in the shadows it provides. The bed continues to move and I struggle to stay under it. Wood scrapes against wood as the person drags the bed towards the other side of the room, closer to the door.

            My wild eyes lock onto the little bit of light that peeks at me from beneath the door. I must escape. If I’m discovered, I fear my fate would be the same as Munich’s and Mildred’s. I slip my knife into one hand and inch towards the edge of the bed, where the person’s feet are.

            “Show yourself,” the person demands.

            My heart speeds up as the bed stops moving. I can see the person bending down, preparing to peer beneath the bed. There’s no time left.

            I release a frenzied shriek before raising up my knife and driving it through the top of the person’s foot, earning a pained cry out of them. I scurry out from beneath the bed and scramble to my feet. The door is only feet away.


I screech as I feel two hands wrap around my ankles like serpents, causing me to fall forward. My stomach slams against the floor, nearly knocking the air out of me. The hands begin to drag me back, back into the darkness, and further and further from the door.

            “Let me go!” I scream. I send a powerful kick in the person’s direction, hoping to break out of their grip. They catch my foot with ease and flip me around so that I’m on my back. My attempts to break free are only enough to earn a few, dark chuckles from my attacker. Shivers of trepidation rack through my body as the chuckles continue. Out of the darkness shoots a gloved hand. It latches around my throat and begins squeezing.

            Stars flood my vision as I fight to breathe. I flounder around and kick, but nothing seems to affect this mad-person. My movements are becoming weaker and slower the longer that their hand stays around my throat.

        I cough and wrap my fingers around the handle of my knife, my last hope. Unleashing a strangled scream that sounds only half-human, I swing the blade of the knife at the darkness. It slices against something soft and fleshy. Blood splashes against the front of my mask. A sharp hiss escapes my attacker and my neck is finally released.

        I crawl away from my attacker. My breaths come out in short, wheezing rasps as my lungs fight to get more oxygen into them. After regaining control of my breathing, I climb to my feet and fly out of the nightmarish room.

        Air depravity causes my vision to blur and fade every few seconds. One of my hands stay against the wall as I grapple between consciousness and unconsciousness. I can’t pass out now. If I pass out, there’s nothing stopping that lunatic from dragging me back to the room and finishing the job. Using the wall for support, I continue climbing the stairs. My feet are slow and disoriented but somehow, I still manage to make it to Father’s room safely.

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