Episode 64: Independence Day

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Cyan and Cole left around ten or so

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Cyan and Cole left around ten or so. Cyan wanted to open her stand today and Cole was helping out at the school. They had a party tonight, too. That meant Del and I had the day to ourselves.

We watched VR TV in the living room for the next few hours. After that, we went into the kitchen to make lunch. We found leftover lasagna in the fridge, so we decided to eat it.

That was when it hit me.

"Hey, Del?"

He looked up from his food. "Yeah?"

I furrowed my eyebrows. "Is today the Fourth of July?"


"This is probably gonna sound really dumb, but I wish it was Christmas or Halloween."

He laughed. "I don't think it does. I'd expect you to like candy and presents more than fireworks."

"Remember those old cartoons about that kid with the black zigzag on his shirt?"

"Yes!" Del put his hand over his mouth. "I haven't gotten to watch those in forever! They were so good! I can't believe I ever forgot about them!"

I laughed. I didn't get to see that side of Del much anymore. He mellowed a lot since he, Hannah, and En brought me home.

"You think we should do something for it?"

Del flashed me a smile. "I bought hot dogs."

I put my hand over my mouth and laughed. "Of course, you did. Hannah gave you a hand?"

"Just so I could get money. Earth money would be worthless."

I nodded. "It would. Wouldn't be a problem with Jamie, but I wouldn't want to do that to her."

"Oh, yeah! I forgot!" He put his plate in the dishwasher. "I saw her when I went to buy the hot dogs!"

I raised an eyebrow. "You did?"

"Yeah. I saw her when I got potato salad for tonight. Her and her kid looked good. They told me to say hi."

That was nice. Jamie and Graham were some of my favorite people on Nachima. I'd have to try and visit them again soon.

Anyway, we didn't really do anything 'til around six. It wouldn't take much to make dinner since it was just us. We were gonna leave them leftovers but that was nothing compared to making dinner back home.

We got done around 6:30. Del got out sodas and we sat down to enjoy the dinner we made.

It was fun. My brother and I didn't usually cook much. Either Cyan cooked or we ate leftovers. I enjoyed cooking with him, though. It was something I didn't get to see a lot.

There was a knock on the wall.

Ame popped her head in. "I wanted to see if you two were celebrating before I go hide in Hannah's basement."

Del looked at her sideways.

"Hannah doesn't really trust me to be alone on holidays, and I don't exactly blame her for it."

"Cuz of...?"


Wow... I felt bad for Ame... Losing that Missy girl really did leave deep scars on her.

"We're home!"

Del and I exchanged glances. We did not expect them to be home so soon. They usually didn't get home until late when they were working parties. It usually meant midnight or one o'clock.

They came into the kitchen.

Cole looked at the food we had set out on the table. "Wow. You guys really went all out tonight."

"It's an Earth holiday," Ame said.

Cyan smiled. "I get why you didn't, but I wish you'd told us."

"Mind if we join you?" Cole asked.

Del looked at him sideways. "You guys didn't—?"

Cole shrugged. "We don't usually get the chance to 'til ten or eleven when we work parties."

I probably should've, but I didn't expect that. They must've kept themselves busy most of the night.

"What is this Earth holiday?" Cyan asked.

"I don't think they have one in this place, but it's an American Independence Day. It was the day America became its own sovereign nation."

"Huh..." Cole tilted his head.

Cyan said, "I don't think I've ever heard of a holiday like that. We don't celebrate that sort of thing here."

Wow... I would've thought if any holiday could transcend the worldly divides, it was Independence Day. I guess not...

"Sounds like a flashy holiday," Cole said. "Do they do fireworks for it?"

I jumped out of my skin, but I really should've expected them to ask us that.

"They do, but we weren't planning to," Del said. "Don't think we'd be able to even if we could."

"Do they do anything besides fireworks and making lots of food?" Cyan asked.

Del came and whispered in my ear, "Did you pay attention to what you put on this morning?"

Why was Del asking me that? I wasn't our sisters. I didn't even know what day it was when I got dressed this morning. I put on En's clothes today, but what did that have to do with the fourth of July?

Ame shrugged. "There's a red, white, and blue theme, but other than that, not really."

I looked down. My pants were red and blue, and my shirt was white. How the heck did I do that when I didn't even know it was the fourth of July this morning?

Cyan whispered in my ear, "Don't worry about it. It was probably just a coincidence."

"I'm surprised you know much about this 'Independence Day'," Cole told Ame.

Ame scoffed. "I'll have you know I lived in America during both of the world wars. It'd be downright sad if I forgot everything I knew about America after coming here."

Del and I exchanged glances. Kayleigh... Did Ame just say that?

"When did you get stationed here?" Del asked.

"April 15, 1945."

My brother and I both looked at each other. 1945 was important. The day Missy died was important. What was special about that day?

"FDR had just died a few days earlier."

"FDR?" Cyan asked.

"He was a great American leader during a time called the Great Depression and the Second World War."

Cyan and Cole stared. "Wow..."

The day hadn't turned out like I hoped it would, but I still enjoyed it. we spent time together. That was what mattered.


Thoughts? Theories? Predictions?

~Shino out!

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