the one with three birthdays

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As Hyunjin ushered Jisung, Felix, and Seungmin over to Woojin's house, all three of them began chattering excitedly. The buzzing sound of their constant speech alerted everyone else to their presence before they were even at the front door.

Everyone put their stuff in a pile in the living room and ran out to the backyard, eager to jump into the pool. Felix was first, sprinting across the hot concrete and leaping into the water and splashing all his friends. All eight other boys followed, and once they were all in the pool, Jisung began splashing everyone. It began a war of who could almost-drown their friends the most, and Seungmin was losing.

"Hey!" He shouted, "Stop it I hate this game! Jisung you stupid—" He didn't get to finish his sentence before more water was flung at him. His mouth filled with pool water and he spit it right back into Jisung's face.

Once they were done swimming, everyone went back inside. They put on a romantic comedy (Felix's choice) and gathered around the kitchen table, where a large cake was covered with candles. The group sang a soulful, off-key, ugly version of happy birthday to the three whose birthdays were fast approaching. They ate cake and snacks, and continued watching movies until almost everyone was asleep. Changbin quietly looked around at the room, which was dimly lit by the glow of the TV. The only other person awake was Felix.

"Hey, Lixie," Changbin whispered, "You wanna go swimming again?" Felix nodded and they both stood as quietly as possible and made their way outside after changing into their swim gear.

Instead of jumping into the water, they both walked slowly down the steps, hand in hand. It was nearly silent aside from the chirping of crickets and the muffled sound of the television inside.

Changbin and Felix swam in lazy circles, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. After a while Felix decided to just float on his back and stare at the stars. Changbin grinned as he watched his boyfriend's face, which was painted with utter awe and amazement. He swam over slowly. He placed one arm around Felix's waist as he pulled the blonde boy to a point where he was standing and gazing at Changbin.

Without a word, Felix gently held onto Changbin's arms as the older boy moved them back slightly until Felix's back was against the cool tile wall.

"You told me I don't have to ask to kiss you..." Changbin whispered, "So I'm not asking this time. I'm telling you I'm going to kiss you until you forget your own damn name." Felix's eyes widened and he suddenly felt weak in the older boy's presence. If not for him holding onto Changbin's arms, Felix's knees probably would've buckled then and there just from what Changbin said to him.

Both of them could feel their hearts racing as their faces inched closer together. Changbin wouldn't let Felix get what he wanted so easily, though. He leaned down and licked from the base of the boy's neck to the edge of his jaw. Felix whimpered and bit his lip, digging his nails deeper into Changbin's arms. The older boy groaned slightly as he continued to leave hickeys along Felix's neck and chest.

Finally, after a few minutes of Changbin teasing and Felix becoming more and more frustrated, the older boy moved in for a real kiss. Felix responded instantly, desperate and hungry for Changbin's attention. Changbin pressed Felix closer to the wall and kissed him more deeply. He allowed his tongue to invade the younger boy's mouth and was met with no hesitation or resistance. Felix kissed him back eagerly, lightly biting Changbin's lips and pulling on his hair because he knew the older boy loved both. He rolled his hips slightly, testing to see the reaction he'd get. And he liked what he got.

Changbin whined quietly, but the sound was muffled as it was lost beyond Felix's lips. Immediately, the older boy reciprocated the action his boyfriend had just tried. The blonde boy pulled back for a moment and let out a breathy moan as he tried to catch his breath and Changbin continued the action. Felix mumbled the older boy's name, repeating it as if it were a prayer.

They were just starting to get carried away when the patio lights flickered to life. They turned back toward the house and saw Woojin standing with his arms crossed in front of his chest.

"Jesus, we're trying to sleep. Felix, you moan way too loud and it woke me and Chan up. So listen," he said, "I'll show you guys where the guest room is, but please don't fuck in my pool."

"Haha, very funny." Felix rolled his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Changbin's neck, leaning his head on the boy's shoulder. "I'm so over jokes right now, honestly."

Changbin smirked. "Well there's no joking about how much I love you, Felix. One hundred percent seriousness, absolutely zero joke."

Their eyes met and they simply smiled at each other under the moonlight. Once again, Woojin ruined their moment when he spoke. "I wasn't joking either, I'm showing you two where the guest room is because no way in hell am I letting you horny idiots stay out here. Grab a towel and come inside."

Needless to say, they were both very grateful for Woojin's suggestion.

happy birthday felix <3

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