Chapter 32 ~ Mila

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Chapter 32 ― Mila

Zayn had done the most romantic thing for me and everything was so perfect. Every minute with him was priceless and once we left our differences aside, we could get along without problem. And he was so cute when he was embarrassed or anxious. I adored how his eyes couldn’t focus on one thing for a whole second when he was nervous or how his cheeks turned into this bright rosy colour. I enjoyed every second I spent with him and for that reason when he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend, I didn’t think much of the answer.

“I’d love to,” I said honestly standing on my tiptoes and kissing his lips softly.

He kissed me back hugging me tighter and I could feel him smiling in the kiss. I just let myself go in to the moment, enjoying every second. In another situation I might have said no, it was too soon and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a relationship. I would have been perfectly fine with an open relationship, but for some reason I liked when Zayn asked me to be his girlfriend. There was this whole possessive thing in that question and I liked it very much. The thing that he wanted me to be his girlfriend made me feel all tingly inside.

He deepened the kiss and I held on to him for dear life, like he was all what kept me afloat. The way his lips moved in sync with mine was just beyond words. In order to understand how it felt, you had to live it. There was no other way to describe how it felt to be held by him, to be so closely pressed to his body, to have his arms wrapped around your body, to have his essence embracing you… there was no way to explain how it felt to have him.

He left my lips to kiss my jawline; the fingers of his right hand were tangled in my hair and they kept my head in that position as his lips slowly moved to my ear where he whispered: “You drive me crazy. Since the day I met you.”

“How so?” I replied in a low voice. “I thought that all what was in your mind was Alex,” I added not scared of mentioning her because I knew he had moved on.

“Yes, and even then I couldn’t stop thinking of you,” replied Zayn, his left hand on the small of my back keeping me ever so close to him. He was still whispering into my ear and I was melting in his arms. My heart was beating so fast it was a surprise I was still alive. “You intrigued me.”

“That was because I hit your ego,” I tried to explain.

“I thought so at the beginning, but now I know it wasn’t just that. It was more than that.” The way his breath tickled in my ear sent shivers down my whole body, but not only his voice, his accent and his breath were making a mess upon me, his words were killing me too.

We still were moving ever so slowly at the rhythm of the music, but I was barely conscious of that. All I could feel was Zayn.

“I tried to deny it so many times. That I didn’t feel anything for you that it was just because you didn’t like me. I blamed it on my ego, but it was never that,” he carried on, determined to just kill me. “But it couldn’t be just that when I got so jealous when you talked to Harry but not me. Or when I got so disappointed because you couldn’t hang out with us.”

He pulled away a few inches just to look me in the eyes, his hands didn’t move, one in my hair, the other on the small of my back, keeping me trapped against his body. “The first time I saw you, even before I knew who you were, you took my breath away. Literally. I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.”

Why was he telling me all those things? Did he want to give me a heart attack? But his eyes shone so sincere, with such a strong intensity I could barely breathe in that moment. There was so much emotion in his beautiful eyes and I didn’t know what to say, how to reply to that.

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