chapter seven ~ netflix and pizza

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When we got home i was as happy as ever. I can't believe he actually liked me back. wtf.
'Hey babe do you wanna just watch netflix and get pizza or something' brad asks me
'Yes yes yes a million times yes' i grin at the thought of pizza
'I'll order the pizza and you can choose something to watch, that okay?' he asks
'yeah' i smile

I run upstairs into my room to get us a blanket to share and run back downstairs and set it out on the couch. I plop down on the couch and scroll through netflix to look for something new to watch. I decide to go to the horror section as i know brad is scared of horrors, me on the other hand loves horror movies. I decide on watching . I grab my lighter from the kitchen and light all the candles scattered around my living room and turn the light off. I snuggle down on the sofa and get into a comfy position as brad walks in with the pizza and chuckles at me
'you comfy?' he asks giggling
'yes but i'd be comfier with your arms around me' i grin
'is that so?' he says as he plops down next to me and snakes his arms around my waist
'yes, see i'm so much comfier now' i smile
'you're welcome' he smiles down at me as i snuggle my head into his neck. I grab my remote and play the film
'seriously taylor a horror? you know i'm terrified of horrors' brad whines
'i'm trying to get over your fear because i love horrors bradley' i smile to myself
'ugh fine' he whines as we dig into our pizza

i decided to rewrite this part because i didn't like it anymore lmao sorry it's not finished i've been really busy lately with school :(

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