Asagiri Gen Relationship HCS

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Nicknames are an absolute must. Constantly, his (s/o) will be hearing, "(Name)-chan! (Name)-chan! (Name)-chan!" The first time he called his (s/o) that they blushed, only making him more eager to call them this. If he wants to tease his (s/o) more, he'll call them a cute nickname, like honey, angel, and so on.

Being a mentalist makes it pretty easy for him to know what will make his s/o happy and blush. But unlike most of the times he uses his manipulating skills, when he's with his (s/o) he genuinely wants to make them happy. He knows being in a relationship with him is not the easiest because of his personality, so he deeply appreciates his (s/o)'s acceptance and patience.

You know that purple haori like thing he's always wearing? He'll drape it around his (s/o)'s shoulders if they are feeling cold, or if they're sleeping. The sweet smile you send him is enough to make up for the coldness and make his heart go thump! He'll find it especially cute if you share it with him and wrap it around you both.

Gen is protective! If someone is talking trash about his (s/o), he'll definitely make sure that they do not have a good time. If the person goes as far to make his (s/o) cry.. oh boy.. Mr. Master Mentalist Manipulator comes out.

If his (s/o) is someone from the Ishigami Village and not a person from the modern world, he'll find their reactions hilarious when he shows his magic tricks.

"Sorcery! How did you make flowers disappear?!!" his (s/o) exclaims. He'll gladly teach some tricks to his (s/o) if they request, finding their praises strangely warming his heart.

If (s/o) has been hanging around Gen for a while, they will definitely pick up on some of his mentalist skills. Imagine that there's a crisis in which the Kingdom of Science needs to negotiate or trick someone, but Gen isn't there, but his (s/o) is! (S/o) will be able to recall some of Gen's schemes and apply it to the current situation. When (s/o) succeeds, everyone is surprised and thankful.

Now Gen comes back to the village. He hears about how cool you were and definitely praises you so much! He pats (s/o)'s head and plays with their hair, gushing to everyone about how badass his (s/o) is.

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