Chapter 115

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It felt kind of strange, going back, after so long… well, four days wasn’t exactly like a life time, but Evelyn had spent too long locked away in the palace, watched over by Zayn.

He had denied her basic privileges for too long, and she had treasured each and every second of her freedom like her last.

For four days… she barely slept.

She wanted to make the most of her every second of liberty. Evelyn didn’t know how long her little vacation would last, so she dared not to waste unnecessary moments in bed when she could be doing what she wanted.

She wanted to deny it, but the four days felt like paradise.

She felt her heart race whenever the driver asked where she wanted to go.

Venturing the city alone—almost—was something to be treasured. Sure, there were guards who followed her, but they kept their distance and nobody dared to challenge where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do.

It felt nice.

She used the guards’ hesitations say no to her demands to her disadvantage.

During those our days, she did something she was sure she one day will regret, but Evelyn couldn’t help herself… she had to.

Evelyn didn’t know if she was still high off the sweet sensation of independence, or had the change of scenery and situation, refreshed her mind and her intellectual capacity had widened by the things she’d seen during those four days… but the palace looked different.

For some reason, the colours seemed more vibrant; the faces of the servants seemed gentler, more human like.

Before, she hadn’t paid attention of the servants of the palace. They were like ghosts, hiding in the background, serving her needs and orders, but now, Evelyn saw them…

Some of them were vampires and some of them were humans.

She clutched the small gift bag in her hand.

Evelyn made the effort to give the servants timid smiles as the guards lead her to her room. She guessed, now that she was back in the palace, she would once again be held under quarantine, isolated from everyone but Zayn.

The thought made her bitter, but it also made her hopeful.

Her fury was still boiling, deep down.

Evelyn couldn’t believe Zayn had lied to her…

She felt betrayed, sort of.

She remember when he said he would try to be a better man for her, as she would try and love him. Together, they could make the world a better place—or so she believed—she could help him fight his darkness, and he would help her make the world a better place.

A small part of Evelyn blamed him for the lie…

But another blamed herself.

Maybe she was too harsh on him? He had done unspeakable things to her, and a small part her would forever remember the night of the motel… And despite her promises, that always held her back.

She couldn’t bring herself to accept his love for her, but now, she realised she had to.

During those four days, Evelyn came to conclusion that the relationship between Zayn and her was affected more than just the two of them. It affected the world.

She apprehended Zayn dishonesty came from his inability to trust her fully, bare his true self to her completely, because he knew she would be disgusted of him.

Zayn felt the need to hide parts of him from Evelyn, because he wanted Evelyn to love him, and if that meant he had to lie, blackmail and threaten her, then that was what he was going to do.

She wanted to lock Harry away in the depth of her heart, to cut away all of her past connections with Ethan. Evelyn couldn’t promise Zayn his heart; she couldn’t promise she would ever stop loving whomever she loved at the depth of her heart; but she could promise him aid.

Maybe one day, he will understand that and set her free… It was unlikely, but Evelyn was willing to try.

“I’m going to help him,” Evelyn told herself, “Whatever it takes.”

The human was so engrossed within her thoughts, that she didn’t notice the guards taking a different route and that they were leading her to a different room.

“Miss Blackburn,” said one of the guards. His voice shattered her imaginary reality, and it pulled her back to the real world. “This is your new room.”

She frowned. “What?”

“Zaynie had assigned you this as your new room. It is interconnected to his room. There had been talks of rebellion in Asia, and he wants to ensure that you are safe, at all times when living under his protection,” Evelyn heard the sickening voice of Jonah, coming up behind her. “After all, you are his heart and soul and whatever-else-the-fuck-he-wants-to-call-you.”

Evelyn felt Jonah’s hand on her shoulder and she wanted to cringe. She glanced around at the guards that surrounded her. “Take this man away and have him hanged,” she spoke with her most intimidating and commanding tone; she had been practicing her voice of authority during her time away…

She thought it sounded menacing, but it didn’t seem to faze Jonah.

The guards did nothing.

Of course they wouldn’t, they were all terrified of Jonah.

Zayn may be the most powerful man in the world, but Jonah was the most devious. Some of the guards would rather offend Zayn than Jonah, because they knew they would die a much more painful death if they ever offended Jonah… Nobody would sacrifice themselves for somebody as irrelevant as Evelyn.

Jonah laughed; he was gloating.

Evelyn felt sick.

“Welcome home princess. Enjoy your new room. I’m sure Zayn would sneak into your beds often during the dark of the night for a midnight snack, or some rough sεx to release his stress.” He padded her back. The feel of Jonah’s hand on her body sent repulsive shivers down her spine. “Be nice to him,” Jonah whispered. “If you dare to play him for a puppet or a fool, one more time, then I’ll make you regret it.”

Evelyn felt a rush of cold wind brush against her body. Jonah was gone.

She took in the room before her and glanced down the hall, and saw the guarded door of the King further down the hall.

Suddenly, all of her confidence were lost.

She swallowed nervously.

No, Evelyn told herself. You will not back out. You will not take a step back and go back to square one. You have to do something, you have to make a change or you will be stuck in the same god damn cycle of misery, and you can’t let that happen! You can’t and you won’t give up, you hear me Evelyn Blackburn?

“Fuck,” she muttered her breath. One of the guards gave Evelyn a funny look, surprised to hear such foul words from her lips. “Why does that bαstard has to love me? Can’t he go find eternal love with the 99% of the population who wants to be loved by him?” She glanced up at one of the guards. “Could you go get me some alcohol? Stronger the better.”


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