chapter six ~ watch you dont shit yourself

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if my heart was paper id fold it
throw it to the wind just and hope it
ends up with you
i signed it with love from me to you
i tried to be cool
but my feelings don't allow me to
and all that i ask
is at least you write me back
i'm waiting

'Singing my song are we?' Brad says whilst entering my room. I wasn't expecting him to be coming round.
'How did you get in?' I ask confused whilst laying my guitar on my bed next to me, i swear the door was locked.
'You must've forgot to lock the door, aside from that you've got an amazing voice, Tay!' he says making me blush
'Thank you, but it's nothing compared to yours'
'Have you released your own music like an album or an ep?' he asked
'No but i'd love to, i post songs that i've written on YouTube and then sometimes get my subscribers to guess who the songs written for, its fun' i say smiling whilst thinking about how much i love my job
'How come you've never told me about this before?' he asks intrigued whilst sitting down in front of me.
'I don't know, i don't really talk about it much' i say shrugging
'How many subscribers do you have?'
'Half a mil i think, i haven't checked in a ages and i haven't posted in about a month and a half'
'Half a million!? I wasn't expecting that! I think we should do a lil collab or something, what's your channel called?' he says smiling, I was excited about his offer and wanted to do it asap.
'Yes! Of course! I'd love that! My channels just called Taylor Riley'
He looks up my channel and then his jaw drops and he grins at me.
'What is it?' i ask confused
'Look at this' He says. I shuffle next to him to look at his phone as he presses the subscribe button and the number changed from 599K to 600K. My eyes widen and my jaw drops.
'Oh my god i just hit 600K' I leap onto Brad and wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist.
'Congratulations Tay Tay, soon you'll be as famous as me' He says holding me close but i could tell a smirk would be present on his face.

He lets me down and i couldn't stop smiling.
'Anyways i came round to ask you if you wanted to go on a little cinema date since you weren't answering your phone' He says changing the subject.
'Yes! Of course! Sorry if i'm being too enthusiastic right now, i'm just so happy and excited and ahh i still can't believe 600 thousand people subscribed to me and want to listen to me sing, it means so much to me!' I say, my jaw starting to hurt from smiling so hard.
'You deserve every single subscriber Tay, I'll definitely be watching all your videos tonight and be fangirling all night' He says smirking, as per usual
'Oh god' I say facepalming.

I walk over to my dresser to get ready. Brad sits down on my bed and picks up my guitar, strumming a few chords. I notice the song he's playing is '505' by Arctic Monkeys which is my all time favourite Arctic Monkeys song.
'I love 505! It's literally my favourite!'
'You like Arctic Monkeys too!?' he shouts
'Yes! They're one of my favourite bands! After The Vamps, obviously' I say smiling
'I swear you just get better and better Taylor Riley' he says causing me to blush. I continue doing my makeup as he starts to sing. I join in when it gets to the chorus.

I'm going back to 505
If it's a seven hour flight or a forty five minute drive
In my imagination you're waiting, lying on your side
With your hands between your thighs

Our voices harmonise perfectly. Not trying to blow my own trumpet or anything but it sounded amazing. We're definitely doing a cover of this on my YouTube channel. He finishes the song as i finish my makeup.

'Not gonna lie our voices sound amazing together' He says smiling
'That's what i was thinking, i've decided we're going to do a cover of 505 on my channel' I tell him
'I'd love that, now hurry up and get changed and do your hair so we can leave, it's already 1pm and i've been here an hour' wow an hour, time really does fly when your having fun, or when your just with your favourite person.

I decide on wearing a grey plaid pinafore with a black t-shirt under, black tights and my black high top vans (outfit above). I curl the ends of my hair because i'm bored of having straight hair all the time. 30 minutes later i was ready.

'I'm ready!' I shout to brad and skip into the living room where he was watching TV
'About time! Wow you look amazing Taylor! I love your style!'
'Thank you, i like yours too' I say as i examine his outfit. He's wearing navy blue dress trousers with fine white stripes down them along with a white muscle fit shirt showing off his biceps, he paired it with his iconic black docs.

We arrive at the cinema and i make Brad watch a horror film. He pays for the tickets and i pay for the popcorn and drinks as i wouldn't let him pay for it all. We get into the screen room and go to our seats. I soon begin to shiver and move closer to Brad and rest my head on his shoulder. He soon slings his arm around me, pulling me closer as he places a kiss on my forehead as the film starts.
'Watch you don't shit yourself' i say smirking up at Brad and he only chuckles and shakes his head in reply.

'Jesus christ with the amount of jump scares in that i wouldn't be surprised if i actually did shit myself' he says which i laugh to.
'what was that?' he says raising his eyebrows and smiling
'nothing' i say innocently as i climb into Brads car.
'are you sure you never called me a pussy?' he says chuckling whilst leaning in to kiss me. I return the favour and kiss him back placing my hand on his cheek. I cant help but smile into the kiss.
'What're you smiling at?' he says in a sing-song tone.
'Nothing' I say shyly whilst blushing
'Tell me' he says
'Tell me'
'Tell me'
'I think'
'Tell me'
'Listen to me'
'I think- well i know- somehow- um-'
'Spit it out' Brad says cutting me off whilst chuckling.
'Well I somehow managed to maybe um catch feelings towards this idiot sat next to me' i say shyly, with my fingers crossed hoping he feels the same.
'I somehow managed to catch the same feelings towards this pussy sat next to me' he says smiling
'I like you Bradley, i like you a lot' i say smiling to hide my nerves.
'I like you too Tay, i was wondering if you would do the honour of being my girlfriend?'
'No' i say with a serious face trying my hardest not to laugh I feel bad when Brads face instantly drops and he looks sad.
'But- what?'
'You're an idiot if you thought i was being serious. Of course i'll be your girlfriend!' i say laughing
'Well thank god for that' he says laughing along with me. This time i lean in to kiss him. He pulls me onto his lap leaving me straddling him, our lips never disconnecting.

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