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First roll indicates how much spankings you will receive:

If you land on a

1 you will receive 5 spankings
2 8 spankings
3 10 spankings
4 30 spankings
5 15 spankings
6 40 spankings + getting passed around by other members and receiving spankings from them!

Second roll indicates how you will be spanked

1 hand
2 belt
3 paddle
4 stitch
5 cane
6 any two from above!


I heaved in a heavy sigh and reluctantly grabbed the dice with shaky, clammy hands for fucks sake why did I have to say yes to this sleepover? everything always goes wrong, like going on this site where we did a live stream and wedgied and touched ourselves -- we actually made around 500 bucks that day because of all the horny bastards.

So when I accepted this invitation what the actual fuck was I on?

Shakily, I rolled the dice and it landed on number 4. I sighed in relief at least is wasn't 6. Once again I rolled the dice, feeling a bubble of confidence blow in my chest.

But the number present popped said bubble.

It was the number 6 how can I be so fucking unlucky?! Holy fucking shit.

The girls immediately started debating on which equipment to use to harrass my ass with.

"Cane and switch!"

"How about the old fashioned hand and paddle?"

"Nah the belt and canes better"

"Since its my sleepover and game, I choose!" Rosie declared, "the switch and belt!".

My heart sunk, "dontre worry kelly," Amanda giggled looking at me, "I'll give you a warm up with my hands".

"Amanda, have you been spanked before?" Rosie asked curiously.

Amanda nodded, "my boyfriend spanked me silly two month ago, it lasted for two hours and then I was forced to stick my ass out his car window while he drove around school, luckily no one saw it" she shivered "but it was sooo romantic~ the way he touched me with his sadistic smiled~" she moaned out, but quickly gained composure a blush present on her face "now, over my lap, Kelly".

I nodded slowly, "go easy on me, alright? I've never been spanked before..." I murmured.

she hummed in response, "the warm up will be five hand spankings after that another five except bare bottom" I slowly crawled over her lap as she massaged my tush.

I took a deep breath readying my self, a hand met bottom making it bounced  I sighed in relief, it wasnt hard at all and five spankings were done she pulled down my shorts and underwear - much to my disapproval.

Her hand once again met with buttock, but it was much harder this time, making me wince in pain. Giggles erupted from Rosie who stared smiling at my buttocks, i shifted uncomfortably.

After long and agonizing warmup, I was ordered lie down on the bed, with my panties stuffed down my throat as a gag and tie my arms and legs up with a cable tie. Amanda had a mischivous grin on her as she played with the switch, "15 hits with each" she giggled I jiggled my bum around trying to get in a comfortable position but all of a sudden --


I choked on Rosies panties at the sudden whack.


I was sobbibg as my ass was stinging like hell, Amanda made me lie on my back with my legs in the air, she ordered me to keep them apart but it was kinda hard to.

She then landed two hits on my  vagina, I screamed in pain as the others just laughed.

"Rosie get me your dogs food bowl with dog food in it," Rosie looked confused but obeyed. Amanda smacked my ass, "also get on all fours you fucking slut! You liked that, huh? Well I'll treat you like the bitch you are!" Sobbing I rolled on all fours, and Rosie came with a bowl of dog food a placed it down in front of me, Amanda grabbed my head and forced it into the dog bowl, "eat and wag your fucking ass, bitch" she ordered removing the gag.

And so I did, with tears streaming down my face, I gave into the humiliation and wagged my ass, Rosie started giggling as I chowed up her dogs food. Amanda then struck the cane to my back side, "good doggie~" she taunted.

I sobbed as the pain in my pain side increased with every hit, it seemed she wasnt even trying to aim anymore and decided to just hit anywhere.

I couldn't screamed or yell, I felt sick to my stomach because of the dog food and was extremely exhausted, all I could do was let out soft whimpers -- like a dog.

I could feel Amanda's sadistic blows continue harder and slower nearing the end. On the last hit she held the cane tightly and bought down the most painful spanking ever.

I screamed in pain for the first time, Rosie cut the restraints and gave me a glass of water, "guess we should sleep now, huh" she smiled sheepishly.

I nodded weakly, too terrified to look any of them in the eyes.


I know it took long but i was really busy lately anywho this was requested by MissMadHatter1129 thanks for requesting!

Though this will be the last request I'll do in AWHILE, because I'm still busy but not as much as before!

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