chapter five ~ you dont know how long i've been waiting to do that

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'Hey Tay, hah that rhymes'
'You're so childish, what do you want'
'I was going to ask if you wanted to go to lunch with me but not with that attitude' i could tell he was rolling his eyes through the phone.
'As in...a date?'
'Well yeh'
'Of course, i'd love to'
'I'll pick you up at 12:30, yeh?'
'Yeh that'll be nice, see you then'
'Bye Tay Tay' I rolled my eyes at the nickname
'Bye Brad'

'Tay Tay' is Brads new favourite nickname for me, because he knows i hate it. It's been 3 weeks since i got back from the USA and i've only seen him 3 times. We facetime most nights but he's been busy lately so i don't want to interfere with his work. If i'm honest, i missed him, i miss his stupid jokes, i miss his laugh, his voice, his smile, i miss everything about him.

I checked the time to see it was 11am. I quickly go upstairs to go shower and get ready. I decided to wear some brown plaid trousers, a plain black long-sleeved shirt and my black high top converse (outfit above). I did natural makeup and left my hair down, straight, and finished off the look with my glasses. Brads never seen my in my glasses so this'll be a surprise to him. I check the time and see it's 12:15am so he should be here soon.

12:30am. I get a text from Brad saying he's outside. I grab my purse, phone, sunglasses, lip gloss and perfume and shove them in my bag before i leave the house and lock the door. I open the door to see Brad sitting smiling at me, also wearing glasses. His smile turned into a confused look.
'You wear glasses too?' We said in sync and giggled.
'Yes' We said in sync, again
'I wore my glasses when we met, Tay' he said shaking his head, smiling.
'did you? I guess i was too tired to notice'
'now we've established we both have glasses and i've got short term memory loss, how are you?' i said.
'I'm great now i'm with you' he said and smiled
'You're so cheesy' i said as he drove off.

We arrive at the cafe, which happens to be my favourite cafe, and walk in and get seated.
'This is lovely, did you know this is my favourite cafe?'
'No, i just wanted to come here because i've never been before'
'I think you'll like it'
The waitress came over and we ordered our food and drinks.
'Do you tour?' I ask since he never really talks about 'band life'
'Yeh, i love going on tour and meeting fans, stage is like my happy place' he said with a smile, obviously thinking about his love for music and his fans.
'Do you know when you're next going on tour?'
'We're still working on our next album called 'day' we have 2 connected albums called 'night and day' and 'night' is already out and 'day' should be out in a couple months so we'll tour some time next year probably' he said proudly
'I think i listened to your night album the other day, i loved it! Especially paper hearts, was that the one you were singing on the plane?' i ask
'Yeh.... i think so' He said blushing
'Aww look at you blushing' i say scrunching up my nose and smiling at him.
'No shut up i'm not' he said embarrassed
'No need to hide it, it's cute' i say smiling at his gesture
'Whatever you say Tay Tay' he said smirking
'Ugh you know i hate that nickname'
'Yes and thats why i love it' He said smiling, knowing i'd just roll my eyes in reply, which i did. Soon, our food came and we ate and talked, maybe one day we'll run out of conversation, but not any time soon.

He then took me shopping and so far i've only bought a pair of my favourite jeans from topshop, which Brad offered to pay for but i told him no and got my card out before he could. I spot Victoria's Secret and decide i want to go in for a look.
'C'mon Brad we're going to Victoria's Secret'
'Ugh do we have to? He said with a bored face
'Yes, so come on' I say tugging on his arm.
I skipped in happily as he walked in unamused.

'I think you should get this and do a fashion show for me' He said smirking whilst pointing to a red lace underwear set.
'Do you now, and why's that Bradley?'
'Ummmm i think because.... reds your colour' he said with an amused smile
'You've never seen me in red though Bradley' i said with my arms crossed over my chest and my eyebrows raised
'I guess there's a first for everything, i'll buy you it as well, so it's a win win situation' he said smirking. Boy that smirk never leaves his face.
'You don't know my sizes' i say trying to tease him more and more. Although i will give in, eventually.
'True but i know that your boobs aren't exactly small'
'How would you know, i might just stuff socks down my bra' i say chucking a bit at my comeback.
'Remember the first time i came to your house to watch friends and you opened the door just in your underwear but you didn't realise you were just in your underwear? Yeh well i couldn't really help but look.... and it's safe to say i was impressed'
'Okay okay lets just get to the till before this conversation escalates more than it already has' I pick out my sizes and Brad takes them out of my hand and quickly walks to the till to pay for them. He looks back at me whilst being served and winks at me, only making me shake my head and smile.

'Do you want to come back to my place? And also we're saving the 'fashion show' for another time' I said with a wink.
'As long as i see you in it i'm happy' i only rolled my eyes at his comment and sung along to his music. He has good music taste. Only because it's similar to mine and my music taste is amazing.

We got to my place and i opened the door and walked in.
'What do you want to do?' i ask
'What i've wanted to do since i met you' he said smirking with lust in his eyes
'Oh yeh, and what's that?' i say
'This' He wraps his arms around my waist and i wrap mine around his neck. He walks us back until my back is pressed against the front door and he leans in and kisses me, it doesn't take long until i kiss him back. Our lips move in sync until i move my head to the side to deapen the kiss. My hands make their way up to his hair and lightly tug on his curls making him quietly moan into the kiss. His tongue brushes along my bottom lip, asking for entrance which i allow as i'm to into the moment to even think straight. Our tongues fight for dominance and he won. His hands made their way down to my ass, squeezing it making me moan into the kiss. Eventually he bit down on my bottom lip and pulled away, us both being breathless.

His forehead pressed against mine. What just happened? I wasn't expecting that. But wow he's a good kisser, i could get used to it.
'You don't know how long i've been waiting to do that' he speaks up
'3 weeks?' I reply
'You've always got an answer to everything don't you?'
'Yes, your hairs a bit messy too' I say running my hand through his hair
'I wonder whose fault that was' he says sarcastically
'Your hairspray' he just shakes his head at my reply.
'Taylor shut up, lets just go watch netflix shall we?' he says and i nod.

What we've all been waiting for hehe xo

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