chapter four ~ you like hawaiian pizza too!?

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I open the door and step into my house. It's cold so i instantly go and turn on the heating before unpacking and washing my clothes. Living alone gets really boring and lonely sometimes, but then sometimes it's the best because you can sing at the top of your lungs, stroll around practically naked, spend as long as you need in the bathroom in the morning and the list goes on. But after spending most of my day with Bradley and now just being on my own made me realise how much i enjoyed his company and how i miss him. How can i miss someone i hardly know? Before i overthink things I snuggle up on the sofa with blankets watching Netflix until i get a notification.

Brad: Hey beautiful, it's Brad xx
i smile at the message and quickly type back a reply.
Taylor: Hey B, i miss you already :(xx
Brad: I miss you too :(xx
Taylor: I'm snuggled up on the sofa watching Netflix, care to join me? You know where i live and there's ben and jerry's in the freezer xx
Brad: I could never say no to Netflix and ice cream, i'll be round in 15 :)xx
Taylor: Yay, cya then xx

The 15 minutes go by slow, and by slow i mean the slowest 15 minutes of my life until finally, finally i hear the doorbell ring. I hop off the sofa, forgetting i'm just in my underwear and swing open the door and Bradley looks at me shocked. 'Fuck. sorry i forgot i was just wearing this, come in i'll be a minute' I quickly run upstairs and put on some pyjama shorts and a sports bra. When i walk into the living room i see brad sitting on the sofa with the blanket across his lap. I go into the kitchen to get the ice cream, 2 spoons and other snacks.

'sorry for the fright' i say through a chuckle when in reality i'm really embarrassed.
'I'm not complaining, it wasn't exactly a bad sight' he said smirking. I rolled my eyes and sat next to him. He brought the coffee table closer so i could put the snacks on it and so we could reach them. He put his arm around my shoulder to grab the remote, but i think it was just an excuse to wrap his arm around me, i'm not complaining though, i like being in his touch.
'What do you wanna watch'
'I'm obsessed with friends so we could maybe watch that'
'Same here' He puts on any random episode which happens to be my favourite.

I really hope Brad and I go further than just a friendship, but not just yet. I sit and admire his features from his eyes, to his nose, to his lips, to his hair, so basically i admire his whole face. I was snapped out of my trans when he leans over to me and whispers
'You're staring' a smirk appeared on his face
'What? No- I uh- i wasn't looking at you i uh- i was looking at the lamp behind you, yeh the lamp'
'It's cool, i don't blame you' he says with a wink which i just roll my eyes to.

I soon feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier and that's when i realise i can't keep them open any longer. The jet-lag has already kicked in.

I wake up to find myself laying on Brads chest, in Brads arms. Our legs are sprawled across the sofa and i look up to see him fast asleep. I try to get out of his grip to check the time on my phone which only made him hold me tighter.
'I'm comfy' he groaned
'And I need to check the time'
'Ugh fine' with that he let go of me and i leaned over to the arm of the sofa to grab my phone. It read 4:00pm. Wow i must've slept for at least 3 hours.
'Brad it's 4pm, what time are you leaving?'
'Oh do you really want me to go that bad?' he said with a small chuckle
'No, no i never meant it like that i meant like do you want to stay for dinner or do you have anywhere to be or-' He cut me off before i start rambling.
'Only if you want me to stay for dinner'
'Yeh, course i do'
'Okay then i'll stay for dinner' he states.
'Do you cook?' he asks before i could reply to his last statement.
'A bit yeh, you? I like a man who can cook by the way' I say with a wink.
'Not trying to blow my own trumpet but i'm an amazing cook'
'Okay, okay you're 10x more attractive now in my eyes' I blurt out without thinking.
'You think i'm attractive?' he says with a smirk apparent on his face. Ugh what have i gotten myself into.
'Yeh, i guess you don't scrub up too bad'
'You're pretty hot too' he said casually.
How can he just be so casual about it? I need his confidence when it comes to taking to boys.

I get up, rubbing my ass on Brads bulge a bit just to tease him and he lets out a quiet moan. I smirk at him and he just rolls his eyes.
'You did that on purpose, didn't you?'
'Maybe' i said with a innocent smile and with that I walk into the kitchen just to see there's no food.
'Brad' i call. He comes into the kitchen moments after i call on him.
'There's no food, do you just wanna call dominoes or something?'
'Yes, whats you're favourite pizza'
'Everyone thinks i'm weird for this but hawaiian' I said expecting him to be grossed out but i got the complete opposite reaction
'Finally! Someone else who likes hawaiian pizza!'
'You like hawaiian pizza too!?' I said- well more shouted out of excitement.
'Love it!'
'Okay i'll get it ordered'
We ordered pizza and watched more friends whilst eating it.

Thought i'd add a tiny bit of smut ;) xo

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