chapter three ~ god what is this girl doing to me?

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'i can't wait to go home and see all my friends and family' i say as we were walking to get our suitcases of the conveyor belt.
'me too, we should definitely get to know each other more, i've really enjoyed these past 12 hours with you' my heart melts, why's he got to be so adorable?
'same here, wait give me your phone i'll put my number in it so we can organise something' with that he takes his phone out of his back pocket and gives me it unlocked. I put my number into his phone and save my name as 'Tay ❤️' which caused him to smile. Why's his smile got to be so damn cute, it always brings a smile onto my face as if its contagious.

After about half an hour we've got all our cases onto a trolley and Brads running around with me sitting on top of the suitcases, we're both laughing, but i'm mostly laughing at how goofy he is. It's crazy to think that a day ago we never even knew of each other's existence and now i'd count him as one of my... good friends?

The time finally came to say our goodbyes, i was sad to be leaving him but i was also glad that we live in the same city.

He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close and i wrapped my arms around his neck. He gives the best hugs.
'how are you getting home?' he asks pulling away a bit but still keeping me in his touch.
'i was just going to call a taxi'
'come with me! my mums picking me up and she'll be up for giving you a lift too, she loves meeting new people'
'no it's fine, i don't want to cause any bother'
'don't be silly! you're fine coming with us, and anyway i'm not letting you get a taxi on your own, i'd never leave a girl to get a taxi on her own'
'if you insist, if you weren't so adorable i'd argue back'

Brads POV
'if you insist, if you weren't so adorable i'd argue back' adorable? As the word adorable left her lips my stomach did a round of backflips. Did she just call me adorable? God what is this girl doing to me, i never even met her that long ago and i still hardly know her but she makes me feel some type of way no one else ever has.
'aww you think i'm adorable, you're adorable too' she never replied she just nodded and snuggled into my side since it was cold as we waited for my mum to come and get us.

5 minutes later i got a call from my mum to say she was here I asked her if we could give Taylor a lift home and she was fine with it, or i should say she was excited since i finally plucked up the courage to talk to a girl. We walked out of the airport to find her standing next to the car waving like a lunatic. I put my head in my hand, embarrassed.
'i'm sorry she's so embarrassing'
'nah she seems cute' i came to the realisation that she's already meeting half my parents and we only became friends half a day ago, but i wouldn't change it for the world.
'what's your mums name' Taylor whispered into my ear.
'anne-marie, but just call her Mrs Simpson to start of with' she just nodded in response.

As we approached my mum she pulled me into a huge mum hug squashing all my organs in the process 'oh darling you have no idea how much we've missed you at home!!' she pulled away and looked over to Taylor and pulled her into a hug as well.
'And i'm guessing this pretty girl is Taylor'
'Haha yes i'm Taylor, but i prefer Tay, it's lovely to meet you Mrs Simpson'
'Oh please just call me Anne'
'Okay... Anne' Tay said causing us all to chuckle. It seems like they're getting along well already.

Me and Tay sit in the back with her head rested on my shoulder whilst talking to my mum.
'So Tay what do you do for a living?' my mum asked and that's when i realised i haven't asked her that yet so i'm intrigued.
'I'm a songwriter, i enjoy singing but i'm not the best and i love playing piano and guitar'
'Oh so similar to Bradley then'
'Really?' she seemed surprised, and even i'm surprised i haven't told her i'm in a band.
'Yeh i'm in a band called The Vamps, i'm the lead singer but i also play guitar, piano and drums'
'Wow you must be talented, saying that i did hear you quietly singing on the plane, it was cute' she said smirking.
'I thought i'd told you but i guess not'
My mum and Taylor spoke for most of the journey, i could hardly speak because they were so lost in conversation.

'Tay darling where abouts do you stay' she tells my mum her address and i realised she only lives 10 minutes away from me. I couldn't believe i'd never seen her around before, since we were both kind of public figures but we both hadn't heard of each other.

Taylor's POV
Finally we got to my house and Bradley quickly got out the car to open the door for me.
'You're such a gentleman Bradley' i say sarcastically.
'I do try my best'
He walks me up to my door and pulls me into a hug before we say our goodbyes.
'i'll text you later' he says
'yeh i'll see you soon, bye'

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I promise it gets better in the next chapter :) xo

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