chapter two ~ i've never actually had a girlfriend

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'ugh i don't know about you but i'm shattered'
'is that because you don't wanna talk to me any longer' he says with a chuckle.
'no definitely not, i could talk to you for hours but its just i've had no sleep'
'i see how it is because i never sleep either and it's now 5am' i just chuckled at his reply since i want to get to sleep asap. I keep on moving and turning, trying to get into a comfortable position.

'ugh planes are so uncomfortable'i say getting quite agitated.
'just put your pretty head on my shoulder, i don't mind' he says smiling, his smile is so cute. But what!? did he just call me pretty? The butterflies in my stomach are literally about to fly out any second. Anyways, i do what he says and put my head on his shoulder.

'wow you've got a comfortable shoulder, i could get used to this'
'thanks, so i get told' he seems proud of himself which makes me chuckle.
'oh yeh by who? me and your never ending list of girlfriends?'
'nah by my best mate tris, i've never actually had a girlfriend, i have no luck with girls at all, they always lead me on until i catch feelings then they just fuck off onto another lad and probably do the same thing to them' i'm shocked by his statement, he's one of the nicest guys i've spoken to in a while and probably the best looking guy i've ever laid my eyes on.
'you've never had a girlfriend? i mean i've never had a boyfriend but there's a reason for that i guess'
'what's the reason'
'because i'm ugly' i say flatly, i've always had insecurities and having beautiful best friends doesn't help.
'Taylor never say that again, you're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise okay?' A tear rolls down my cheek uncontrollably and Bradley notices it and wipes it away. I feel pathetic.
'hey whats wrong' i find it adorable that he actually cares.
'its just in high school i got bullied a lot and got called ugly all the time so it's just nice to hear someone say that i'm not for once'
'i'm sorry you had to go through that, you truly don't deserve it because you're one of the nicest most beautiful girls i've spoken to in a while, now you better get some sleep' i don't reply to his statement. i just nod and close my eyes.

Bradley's POV
As her breathing slows down i know she's asleep. I look down and admire Taylor's beautiful face while she's asleep on my shoulder. She has nice long, black eyelashes and cute freckles dotted around her nose and up to the high points of her cheeks, when her eyes are open they're a bright ocean blue shade which i could get lost in for hours. She has plump, pink lips and defined cheekbones. She has long brunette hair which ends at her rib cage and a similar skin tone to mine. I really want to get to know her more. I feel like we could go somewhere.

She looks cold. Should i put my arm around her? Would she get weirded out by it? I mean i only met her a few hours ago, would it be weird? Fuck it. Before i start overthinking any more i put the arm rest up, put my arm around her to keep her warm, place a kiss on top of her head to try and get some sleep. I rest my head on top of hers and sing my favourite song me and the boys have written called 'Paper Hearts' under my breath, just loud enough for me to hear and Tay if she was awake.

Taylor's POV
Brad thought i was asleep, but little did he know i wasn't. Planes are the one place i can never sleep. I could tell Brad was up thinking for a while until i feel his arm wrap around me, his lips on my forehead then cheek rest against my head which instantly brought be comfort and it spread a huge smile across my face. He then started to quietly sing a song, a song i've never heard before which will definitely send me to sleep soon. His voice was beautiful and soft, I begin to wonder if he's a singer for a living. Have i just became friends with a celebrity? Soon enough i was completely out of it.

After what must've been about 8 hours i feel someone rub my arm and say 'Tay, Tay it's time to wake up'
'what!? who are- oh wait shit sorry i forgot' Brad chuckles to himself at my reaction since i'd forgotten about meeting him.
'come on let's go'. he said.

This part is more of just a filler chapter!
Sorry it's quite boring :(
Thank you so much for reading!:) xo

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