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A few days passed by. Days in which she didn't catch a glimpse of Happy. Now the clubhouse had burnt down, Juice had convinced her to sleep in his guestroom. For want of a better idea, Amber had agreed. Even though he wasn't unfriendly, he started to get on her nerves. He treated her like she was some puppy from a shelter. She was just waiting for him to pet her. He made sure that she took her rest, that there was enough food available, that she drank enough, that there was someone around she could pour her heart out to. 

Not that pouring her heart out was really an option. She couldn't exactly tell him that she was dead and that some sort of god had set the clubhouse on fire so she could attract Happy's attention. Even a little boy had ended up injured. The child was still in the hospital and although his life was no longer in danger, the burn marks on his face would never go away. 

A lasting memory of her selfishness. 

Sometimes that knowledge made her cry. She tried to keep up appearances when the others were around, for it was impossible to explain what was weighing so heavily on her mind. 

Pounding on the door dragged her out of her thoughts. She stood up. At most days, Juice didn't come home before dinner time. There were negotiations on another building and all Sons had been sent off to do god knows what. 

She got up and headed for the front door. A little suspicious, her hand rested upon the doorknob. What if someone had discovered that she was fireproof? Maybe it was because she was spending her time with outlaws, but she ran back to the kitchen, looked for a butcher knife, hiding it behind her back. 

She might not be able to die, but when they locked her up to examine her, she was game over as well. 

Back it in the hallway, she opened the door just a crack. 

It was Happy who was staring down at her. 

Without saying anything, he pushed open the door and stomped inside. A little blindsided she closed the door and returned to the living room, subtly leaving the knife at the windowsill. Happy shoved back a chair, with one look ordering her to sit down. She frowned her eyebrows. Who the hell did he think he was; just barging into this house and bossing her around like she was some damn slave? 


"You have missed your calling as a puppy trainer."

He glared so intensely at her it felt like he was trying to drill holes in her head. Rolling her eyes, she flopped down on the chair. She was in no mood to act all dramatic; her life was already so short and she was actually curious to the reason he was here.

He unfolded the map of the United States. "Point out the states."

Frowning, she looked up. "All of them?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "As many as you know."

Amber tried to understand what the point of this geography lesson was. Was he trying to figure out to what extend her memory was still working? Was he trying to catch her in a lie, did he know she hadn't lost her memory at all? If someone was able to see through her, it was Happy. She decided to ask him right away. "Why?"

His face seemed to be carved in stone, so hard did it look. If she touched his skin, would it feel soft at all? 

"You know 'em or not?" he asked impatiently. 

Sighing, she bent over the map. People with amnesia were able to remember basic things like that, right? She decided to take her chances and summed up some of the states. Halfway, he brusquely yanked back a chair and sat down. 

"And not a single state... calls up some sort of feelings? Something... familiar?"

Her glance left the map and wandered across his muscular arms up to his face. "You're trying to trigger memories," she said, surprised. 

Happy pretending to be a neuropsychiatrist , these were the days of miracles and wonders. 

"I gotta find those motherfuckers," he grunted. "You're the only lead I have. So concentrate. If there's still a hint of a memory inside that head of yours, I'ma find it."

Amber swallowed a sigh. Well, this was going to be interesting. Let's consider this as some quality time together. 

Showing him her sweetest smile, she studied the map. "Arizona feels familiar... but whether I was born there, or lived there or even studied there... I have no idea."

"That's okay." Suddenly, his voice sounded less cold. He put a laptop in front of her. "Let's watch some pictures."

"How romantic," she couldn't help but taunt. 

He stared back at her, annoyed. "Don't think I do this for you." 

A small, hopeful smile crossed her lips. She had a feeling he wasn't completely honest. If that had been true, mentioning it hadn't been worth it. 

. . .

Hey all! 

I've started a new fanfic! It's not about Happy but it's a Son x Mayan fanfic and I'm very excited about it so I hope you want to give it a try! It's called 'Rivals'. (: 

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