Make it Double, Triple

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Amber turned to look at me, begging me with her eyes, almost like asking my permission. Now if she really was a lesbian, I knew exactly how awkward it would be to do it with a guy. An eager guy, nevertheless. And was I really passing a chance to do seven minutes in heaven with the hottest girl of our high school? Gay or not? The obvious answer was a sound no. So, I nodded to her ever so slightly.

Her eyes brightened a bit. "Mei it is, then," she said and we both got up.

"Hey, don't forget to spin the bottle so we can continue the game while you're away," the black-haired guy that had sat next to Amber hollered. Rolling her eyes, Amber crouched over and spun. She straightened up and we watched it land to the same black-haired guy who instantly cringed.

"Truth or dare?" Amber asked.

"Dare," the guy mumbled.

Amber laughed. "Kiss Jess. Involve tongue. For three minutes," she said and let out an evil laugh.

Jess rolled her eyes at us and we turned towards another double door inside the room that also said 'off-limits'. Amber took my hand and led me to it and opened the door. Just when we were entering and I started to wonder if we could just chat there for the seven minutes to get it over and done with, Jess opened her mouth again.

"Remember we need a proof that something happened," she shouted.

"Like what?" Amber asked, sounding a bit pissed off by now.

"Oh relax, nothing major. A love bite would do, on either of you," she said right before turning her attention to the black-haired guy who was now crawling towards her.

Great. Just great. Now I'd have to go home with a hickey on my neck or make one on Amber's neck. If it would turn out to be the latter option, I sure hoped I wouldn't be held responsible for the consequences.

We stepped in a room that looked like it was Amber's bedroom. It was pretty dark, though I could see the outline of it due to their back yard's lights that poured in from the window. There was a canopy with white sheer curtains over the king-size bed that was taking up most of the room. On the left side of the room, beside the window, was a door that looked like it led to a balcony. On the right there were two doors, I guessed those were to the walk-in closet and to her bathroom.

There were shelves on the wall between the two doors. The top two of them were dedicated to Amber's collection of trophies, and one for some kind of a stereo system. Amber went straight to the stereo system and connected her phone with it. I closed the door and grew even more nervous than I had been the whole night. If possible.

"So, umm, how do you want to do this?" I asked when I couldn't take the silence any longer.

The blonde was still fiddling with the stereo system but turned towards me briefly to shush me. She mouthed me something that looked like 'shh, they'll hear us,'. I snapped my mouth shut and took a couple of hesitant steps towards her. She hit play, and some more pop music filled the room.

I didn't know what to do so I sat on the edge of her bed and started fiddling with the hem of my top while she flipped on the lights that were hanging from the canopy thing over her bed. Amber started pacing around nervously. I leaned back and let her do her thing.

"I think the music's muffling our voices down enough. Look, I'm sorry to put you through this. I- I just can't handle Brian. He's a douche," she eventually said.

"Huh... Alright. And I don't mind..." I said, trailing off. Suddenly, I was glad the room was that dark, so my epic blush that heated my cheeks wouldn't be that obvious.

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