2:Saddlers Plan

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It Was Mid Morning In Pueblo And Saddler Was At The Church Discussing
Important Business My People We Will
Torture The People Making Those Become One Of Us Said Saddler He
Didn't Know Diana Prince Also Known
As Wonder Woman Was Out To Stop
Him Zeus Heard This And Knew It
Was Best To Warn Diana Our Time
Will Come Soon Said Saddler Who
Was Happy That There Was Going To
Be Chaos Foolish Humans They Will
Taste Blood Said Saddler He Wanted
The World To Become Like Ganados
Who Worshiped Him And Did What
He Said He Thought It Was No One
There To Stop Him But Didn't Think
Much Of It After Giving A Speech Of
Torture Let It Be The Final Time I Say
This Said Saddler They Cheered Out
Loud And Went On About There Lives.

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