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"That's what I thought!" Helen declared, inspecting my stamp. "Ashley!" She frowned and clucked her tongue. "You've almost worn your stamp off already! I can barely see it. Here." She plunked her rubber stamp into the inkpad and gave me a fresh T. "Enjoy!"

As soon as I was through the gate, Morgan grabbed my arm and hurried me toward to the grandstands. 

"You totally thought stupid Helen Sandburg was going to arrest you or something, didn't you!" She laughed at me. "I saw the look on your face! You did! Always such a good kid." She squeezed my neck. "Ah, that's why I love you."

I hated that Morgan thought about me that way. But it was true. I let that ass-hole Jason treat me like crap. I let Shawn belittle me after I'd just wiped vomit off his shoes. And now I was afraid that sweet wouldn't-accuse-a-fly-of-buzzing Helen Sandburg would turn me into the cops. It was a good thing Morgan loved me, however innocent she thought I was.

I was suddenly determined to get completely wasted. 

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