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"Not saying!"

Morgan bounded ahead. I had no idea who her mystery guy was, but I worried it might be someone married if she wouldn't tell me. Knowing Morgan, though, I'd find out one way or another before too long. She never kept a secret.

She was already through the concert gates, waving at me to follow her in.

Suddenly I flashed on the body in the locker room, again. I'd actually managed to forget about it for a little while, but now the image of its mouth hanging open came back to me. I'd kept glimpsing its teeth while I'd helped Ian carry it.

For some reason this made me nervous about sneaking into the concert. We weren't kids any more, and I'd be mortified if I got caught now, as an adult, especially tonight. I even knew the woman collecting tickets and checking stamps. Her husband was one of the truckers at the company I worked for.

Morgan gave me a shrug from the other side of the gate. Then she impatiently waved me in again.

"Hurry up!" she yelled.

I stepped forward, trying to keep as far from the counter as possible, holding up my wrist with its faint green T. I'd never been as good as Morgan was at playing things cool.

Of course the woman collecting tickets recognized me.

"Ashley! Hi! I thought you weren't going to the concert?"

"Hey Helen," I smiled, scared. She already suspected me, I could tell. "Well, my friend bought me a ticket," I said awkwardly. "We came in earlier? I just went out for a sec to say hi to my niece."

I had no idea where these lies were coming from, or how believable they were.

"Well let's see that stamp of yours."

My heart was pounding. This was so stupid. Someone had just died and I was about to get caught sneaking into a concert by some musician I'd never even heard of and whose bus had even blocked my car in.

"I'm gonna be late!" I joked nervously. 

Helen took my hand and examined the stamp. This was it. I glanced around. What would she do? Were there security guards she would call? I saw one guy, arms folded, standing at the entrance to the grandstands. I was pretty sure he was already looking over at me.

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