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"Ashleeeey!" Morgan's arms suddenly wrapped around me from behind. She almost knocked me off my barstool. 

I stood and hugged her back, spilling my drink. "Where the hell have you been?"

Morgan was already completely tanked. She gave me a big, whiskey-tainted kiss on the cheek. It was weird how happy I was to see her. For a moment I almost started to cry.

"You and me," Morgan said, shaking her hips with each word in a little drunken dance, "are going to ..."—she held up the back of her wrist, stamped with a green T—"the Bryce Tripp concert!" 

Jason scoffed. "Bryce Drip's a friggin' fairy."

"And we're leaving these two losers"—Morgan traced a circle in the air, then pointed at Jason's and Shawn's faces—"right here in the lame ass beer garden." 

Morgan displayed her stamped wrist again, then tilted her head coyly, held out her tongue, and, like an inebriated pole dancer, gave her stamped wrist a long, sexy lick.

Jason glanced at Shawn.

Now Morgan grabbed my wrist and pressed it against hers, transferring the green T concert stamp to my wrist, just like we used to do years ago to sneak one of us into the movie theater.

Before I could finish the last of my drink, Morgan was pulling me away by the hand. I didn't even so much as wave to Shawn before leaving him there.

On the way through the carnival, Morgan hung on my shoulder and whispered, "I've been sleeping with Jason." She made a gagging sound. "Gross, huh! I know, I know." 

I was surprised. "Morgan!" She had this great body, but I'd always been the one with the more-or-less cute face. She was always trying to prove that she was attractive by sleeping with one guy or another. But I hadn't expected she'd sleep with Jason. "Why him?"

"It's okay, Ash," she said. "Because I'm already cheating on him!" Morgan snorted a laugh. "Don't tell him! It's way more fun cheating on him than it is sleeping with him!"

I couldn't help but laugh with her.

"You're crazy," I said. I was actually feeling a little better.

As we passed the Tilt-A-Whirl, I whispered, "So who are you cheating on him with, then?"

She held a finger to her lips. "Shhhhh. Not saying."

"Who? Tell me."

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