Part 45

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Oh my god, I heard it was quite popular! I can't believe we're going there! And it's a field trip! Damn, for rich people, they must be living a dream...

Oh? I realized I'm one of them too.

So, a field trip to Farell Deoin.

I walked to my father's office and knocked on the door. Soon, I heard a small 'come in' from inside. I twist the door handle open and walk in.

Waaaahhh!!!~ The smell in here is so nice!!! So relaxing!!

In the room, there was 2 black couch, facing each other and a red oakwood table in the middle of them. There was also 2 chairs that were also facing each other.

And there was a middle aged man working on the paper in front of him as there was a laptop next to him and a cup of coffee Jason made for him.

He looks up and noticed me. I see warmth fill his eyes as he stops what he is doing.

I seat myself on the couch.

Noticing there was a lot of paper on his desk, I decided to be a good daughter and be patient.

"You can finish your work first. I'll wait for you." I relax and soften my voice.

"Hm." He replied and then Jason came inside the room with his gentle smile.

"Hello, Miss Eve. What would you like?" He asked her with the same gentle smile.

"Hello Jason, can I have...milk? And a couple of desserts? Thank you." I replied with a gentle smile and he bowed and exited the room.

Jason closed the door and continued to walk to his destination.

Wow, Miss Eve is already at the point where Master allows her into his private and library room! Master must be happy!

Eve stood up silently to go get a novel book. Her father doesn't seem to mind her at all and continues to finish his work.

He was desperate to spend time with his daughter. He cursed at the paper so many times that the paper was sure that the pen in his hands was ripping the paper instead of softly writing on it.

Wuuhuuu!! Save me!!

Once Eve found a novel book she was interested in, she sat right back into her seat and started to read.

Jason came in later and delivered the delicious snacks and drinks.

They were both left alone again and as one of them worked and an another read, time passed quickly.

Eve suddenly felt someone staring at her, across and looked up to see her father looking at her.

She bookmarked the page and set the book on the table.

"You're done?" She asked him and he nodded.

She smiled and her father, although he sees her smile every time, he gets surprised and feels at peace—Wait, no. He feels at peace whenever he sees her. He liked her eyes which screamed out passion and braveness.

Last year, her eyes look empty and it always breaks his heart. But now seeing his daughter like this, he can finally see bright things and can finally...forgive himself.

He shook his thoughts. He shouldn't think of it right now. He looked back at his daughter.

"You've worked hard, Dad." Oops, those words slipped. I didn't mean to call you dad!! Huh, his lips twitched? Oh no, he's mad!!!

Bad mouth! Bad! I should seal you with tape!

When he heard that word at the end, his heart jumped with glee and flew away!


The word and her voice combined to it....

It has a good ring onto it.

His lips threaten to smile but he held back. He was so lost into it that he looked at his daughter and noticed her stiffen and tense.

"...I..I mean! Fa-"

"Dad is fine too."

Eve looked at her father for a second and smiled.

"Okay, Dad!"

Whew!!! I escaped death! Oh my god, I really thought my life ended right there!

Forgetting why she came, she looked at her father with loving eyes and lean forward.

"Dad, I came here today because my class is going to a field trip to Farell Deoin! And, I heard it's beautiful and popular over there! So, can I go?" I blinked my eyes and smiled.

Her father looked at her and then lean back.


Huh? Really? I can go?!

"I can go?"

He nodded.

"Oh my god, yay! Thank you dad! I'll be sure to buy you a gift after the field trip!" She cheered and drink her milk to celebrate.

Her father agreed just because her eyes were sparkling and was filled with expectations. And, when she said that she'll buy him a present, his heart got warm.

And Eve left with the novel book and a happy smile on her face.

After she left the room, her father—no dad, couldn't help but smile. If anyone would have seen it, they would have faint, puke blood, dazed, or think they were really ill and need to go to the hospital ASAP!



Hope you guys are having a good day and a good weekend!

I wuv u! Muah!

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